Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Are All The Bad Things in Life Easy To Attain ? & All The Good Things So Hard ..

Why is it so easy to hate, yet so hard to love. So easy to cheat, but so hard to stay faithful. So easy to lie, yet so hard to keep it real. So easy to give up, but so hard to tryy. So easy to run away, but so hard to stay & deal w| it. So easy to be fat, but so hard to stay skinny. So easy to say yes, Than to say no. I can go on & on..
But then it hit me. I think god is trying to show us that ALL good things in life.. Are worth fighting for. They're worth putting our pride aside, & showing our strengths to get through & accomplish things. It makes us feel better in the end when it's all said & done.

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