Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Hate Letter To Love..xo

Everyone always talks about how beautiful you are. From what I hear you're very caring and have a huge heart. You make people feel really good about them
selves. You have the power to bring two people together and make them soo happy ! but how is it that someonee soo kindd and caring can bring out the ugliest sides of people. I've seen the MOST Strongest people break down because of you ! But I always say to those people atleast they got to meet t
he REAL LOVE. I never did. So what do you have against me ? What have I ever done to you? I thoughtt I met you a couple times, & right when I think i got you.. you just run away from me. All you seem to do is complicate things between me and someone special & you left my heart in crutches. Until I see you myself, I am going to think your a fake person dont even exist !..Or maybe i've just been looking for you in the wrong places. .

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