Thursday, July 16, 2009


now wen i mention break-up i dont mean relationship . I mean the break-up bet. a friendship whut friendship ?!. you ask.. the ultimate one.. the blow up that nearly cost me and sammyy a rare & great friend. yup. thats rite ... i sed sammyy !my fellow blogger as well as my bff you may have caught her pic & a mini bio to the rite of the screen. lol. This fight was a drived by miss communication & too many ppl whispering in our ears as well as us not being honest w|. each other whut started off as a small convo on aim turned to into a blame game as well as getting each other. yeahh it was on sum "AIM THUG SHXT". lol. smhhh there was name-calling ooohhh N. couple fxck you's thrown in there as well. it was heated !. after it was sed & done. we decided that we no longer needed each other. but it was just our ego's telling us theres no need to apologize sooo we went 4 months w|. any contact w. each other. mind you guys i spent nearly every waking moment w. this girl [no homo]. & wud literally do everything w. her she was dead-ass my other half [aside frm daph LOL]. "

I had a big egooo !" as kanye wud say LOL. soo i refused to apologize , if anything i wud go on little rants bout how much i cudnt stand her, but like the old saying goes theres a thin line bet. love & hate. & i was speaking w|. soo much anger simply because deep down inside i knew i missed my best friend. i kno i kno saddd huh ?!.

soo december rolls around, & soo does sammyy's bdayy. the 23rd to be exact. LOL. now me knowing how much her birthday means to her and a little encouragement frm my little brother. I decided to hit her up and wish her a Happy Birthday yesss you guyszzz ! i actually hit her up. & the rest was pretty much history. We started offf small, cautious. of one another. cuz
it had bin soooo longg but we slowly but surely started to patch things upp.. but we didnt juss jump rite back in we actually sat down & talked about all the problems & kept it REALLLLL ! w|. each other.

we put alllll the bullshxt to the side. and fixed it . no foul no harm rite. every friendship has its obstacles & this was ours. never let ur pride get in the way of anything cuz it cause you to lose something gr8. not gunna name drop cuz its not my style . but for all you elmont chiqs who didnt want us 2 fix our friendship .As im sitting back & writing this post im actually realizing why you didnt want us 2 fix it. N. actually i kinda get it. lmaoo. BUT understand that jealousy is never a good look for any1. im making it clear to you &. im sure you kno who u are. [ as your prolly sitting on ur comp reading this post thinking damn is alex coming at me ?!] im making it clear that theres no getting rid of me. so juss embrace it dumbass dont you get it ! yeaa guys theres more than one of those hating ass bxtches.. lmao. smhhh..

"wat you want me 2 do im srry im backk ! "- jay-Z voice

SHXT WAS CRAZYY ! but im posting this to hopefully show you guys that its understandable that friends and even best friends have rocky situations but dont let it get to far. cuz sometimes it just mite be too late. Learn frm our mistakes its never worth it.

did this post while listening to some mixtape weezyyy ! . nicee [fab voice]


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