Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting Tired Of People Saying I Look Like M.I.A. So I Dyed My Hair Red. LOL


Please Address This Man As Martin Louie The King JR.

SIGH* No Words; You Guys Already Know Im Cheesing :^D. HAHA I LOVEEEE HIMMMM.!

Everyone is Feeningg for Them smh: The Eggplants.

VIBE March '09 Cover:Keyshia Cole I know We Gets It In (= Haha

Young Talent: Demetrius Taylor

This post is on another person that motivates me. I told you, all my close friends have drive and ambition. This Kid has been there for me through thick & thin. A real ride or die.

Demetrius Taylor is 6'4"at 175 pds. He is Aspiring to Be A Professional basketball player and to get his degree in criminal justice. He currently attends Queensboro College, starting smallforward, Number 11 on the basketball team. Averaging 23 points per game 5 assists, 3 steals and 1 blk. He is a highly skills, driven basketball player. For as long as i've known this kid, he's had love for the game. With his drive and ambition, i knoww he's going to make it.!! He doesnt care about what others think of him.Did i add hes a church boy? haha. Dee stays on his grind. You gotta love him.! Click Here For Mr. Taylor's Space.! I'll always be #41's biggest fan lol.

Dope Shxt! Another V'Day Gift Idea?? (= lmao

Louis Vuitton Soccer Bag. Damn.


Dee & Ricky RockBand Party.!

Dee & Ricky have been known for there infamous Lego Brooches that can bee seen worn by Kanye West, Pharrell,on the runway at Marc Jacobs shows, and soo many more.! There Two young talenteddd kids.! They are definetly on ther grinddd. i must say. It definetly motivates mee alott. Anyone that knows me well knows i Idolizeeee Marc Jacobs & they have been blessed with the opportunity to work with him. it proves that possobilities are endless when you put your mind to something. i know Dee personally & can tell you that hes definetlyy one smooooth kid haha. (= On another note: Heres something for you Rockband fiendsss.! You wont want to miss this.!!!

Dee & Ricky will be launching a Rock Band party on February 13th. Complete with an impressive lineup of DJ’s the party is set to rock. Following a very successful 2008 including collaborations with No Mas and Marc Jacobs not to mention having Kanye rock their heart brooch piece non-stop. You have to buy a Lego heart for $25.00 By Friday Feb. 13th to get in.! So hurry it upp.! :)


The Diary of a VIBE intern: Week Three

Ok so, this was my third week interning at VIBE. Its been really hectic. We were still focusing on returning samples. But finallyyy everything got done today (=. Also we have a total of 5 interns in the fashion dept. now. ugh smh =/. I only met one other one named Kerron. Hes from Staten Island. Hes pretty cool though. Im not sure if im going to get along with the other girl though because from what i hear, she calls herself "a fashion guru" lol. & thinks she runs shxt. yikes. someone kinda like me lol lol. were so gunna bump heads. i see it now smh. Crystal (the other intern in the fashion dept) is the complete opposite of me. from music to our style. She is suchhhh a drama queen.!! sometimes its funny, but it get annoying at times urrghh. When you walk past our desks you will here a mixture of Mary Mary (gospel) & Jay-Z lol. It gets so annoying. I usually just end up using my headphones lol smh. =/

Anywhos, on another note ((=. Today we have been notified that the interns are going to be putting together & in charge of a VIBE insert (which is a little magazine they hand out, something extra but dope.!) So today we had to come up with & pitch ideas for the fashion section. The other intern Crystal (as i said she isnt really into fashion, shes into writing) I came up with the idea to have the story be on the new big runway fashion trend. which is geometric shapes. Its some dopeee ish on the runways. designers have been getting veryy creative. i love it. The assistant editor-in-chief; Shirea, Loved it.! So this weekend my project is to come up with the draft of the whole layout & spread of the fashion section. Now, the interns (all like 20 of us amongst all the depts.) are going to be publishing 6 of these little insert magazines. Which, did i mention, were going to get credit for & i get to use this in my portfolio.! thats great! The next issue my friend (editorial intern Brandon) came up with an idea to have it on fresh new deisgners or up coming designers. he has a few friends & i have a few friends that we can use. (you already know if we get to do the story im using my faveeee:) Rell's Bananas & probably two others (=. Cant wait.

stay posted.!!! ((=


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthday ShoutOut:Damien.!

Happy Birthday Mister Damien,Marz or whatever you like to go This kid & I have def been through some stuff. smh. When times were good; they were great. Sometimes some things just arent ment to be. All in all, your a great guy, even though you do tend to get on my nerves smh lol & you do have a few things you need to work on but who doesnt?...well let me not start rambling & Stuff. You know what it is already.. so to wrap it up. stay on your grind & enjoy your dayyy Damieeee.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sammy Rambling: January 27th,2009

So today was a longgg day.! ugh. Me and the bestie daphnee woke up extra early because i had an interview in the city before class.! Crazy trip. lol. I dont want to give away what & were the interview was because i dont want to ginx it. but lets just say its some bigggg shxttt. omg. & if your one of my few trues, you know (=. Anywho, after the interview Me & daphh headed to school were we ended up missing class. ughhh smfh. However, My new friend Freddieee aka Freddie Cakes was there, so it wasnt that bad ;^). He's the most retardest/coolest person.! haha. Deff cool peoples. Whiles we were all Hanging out, sigh* something tragic happened:

Daphness camera died.!!! =(((( omg. this is what happened. I handed the camera to my friend "cookie" lol & when he went to hand it back to me, before i even gripped it he let go and BOOM. SMFH.!!!!!!!!!!! it died. >=/ i felt sooo bad. we both took blame for it (even though it was mostly his fault for handing it to me like that lol). I offered to pay to help fix it. sigh* R.I.P Cameraa lol.Sorrryyyy Daphhhhh. I ended up buying Reeses pieces & a chocolate chip cookie for us. it didnt fix the camera; but it sureee fixed her face. lmao. love you hoe.! <3

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sammyy Jr. HAHA

So this is my little sister, Sabrina. She is definetly following in my footsteps. haha. she is such a little diva.!! as annoying as she is, she's pretty dope. i guess lol (=

Sooo Have I Mentioned Valentines Day Is Coming Up?? (=

Nike Womans Flightposites;(thnx anonymous lol)
OMG: I Need these in my life <3

My President is Black. <3

Young Jeezy x Jay-z x Nas (dopeeeee.!!! omg. ya'll know i loveee jay)

My man Jay said:
"Rosa parks sat so martin luther could walk, martin luther walked so barack obama could run, barack obama ran so our children can flyy"
damn if thats not real, i dont know what is.

How Eric Handles His Anger

Lmao; What can i say? My best friend is a funnyyy ass kid.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New BANANAS™ Clothing Colorway

So; if you didnt know bananas is one of the dopest up coming clothing lines. So keep an eye out for it.!! & if your new to the blog you can also relate to one of my earlier post on the background of the designer.Just Click Here!if you dont know; now you know (biggie voice) haha.

Heres the new colorway just in time for the new presidency of our 44th president; Barack Obama.!! <3>

Marc Jacobs Loving The Skort (skirt/shorts) Ehhh..

So this is Kanye Wearing The Louis Vuitton Dons (his sneaker for LV) And MJ rockin what seems to be his new trademark; the skort. which is half skirt half shorts. would you rock this?? (=

love that Marc Jacobs is doing all he can to single handedly make “Skorts For Men” cool. Think about it. When do you see MJ in anything BUT skorts lately? You dont’! I mean, I think it really is a little personal campaign to bring SFM to the mainstream. I mean, skorts for women (girls over the age of my 8 year old) just aren’t cool at all. In fact, off the tennis court, they’re pretty much the opposite of cool. So, I wish him luck!
You gotta hand it to the guy though- he’s totally going for it… and I love that!

Got the top pic from Kanye’s blog. He’s got a bunch more pictures up if you’re curious.

The Diary of a VIBE intern: Week Two

ok so, Working at Vibe is definetllyyy different from my last intern. My last one i was more free to do things my way, as long as things got done. At VIBE you have to use a specific color, font style and font size lmao. sigh lol. crazy. hangers have to face a certain way and everything. but all in all its a greatttt experience & i feel priveleged to be apart of something so iconic and be amongst some of the greatest editor in the game.

This week we worked on our shoot fro April which was on city streets. basically focusing on denim with hints on neon (which is one of the new trends lol). The photoshoot was sooo much fun!! omg. but boy was it alotttt of work.! we had to be there at 7:30 in the am.! i had to wake up at like 5 and leave at 5:30. crazyyy hours in the am right? Tuh.! when me and the other intern arrived, we had to help them pack the trunks with stuff were going to need on set. & three racks full of garment bags.! we packed it all in a hugeee RV van. then we went to the location which was near canal st. The models were cool.! & Bianca from America;s next Top Model even showed up.! she was pretty cool as well. I got to be apart of dressing them and using my opinions with what they should wear, etc. It was a longggg crazy day (atleast the food was good lol). When it was wrapped up, we had to drive back to the offices and unload the van. omg that was crazy. like 30 shopping bags & 50 garment bags we had to unpack. we didnt leave till like 8:30 that night. Friday when i went back we spent the wholeee day returning all the garments and accesories. all day. It was hectic and alot of work but at the end of the day it felt good when it was all finished. Also, all the interns got to be apart of something so great! we got to help them choose which picture to pic for the next VIBE cover (in april). I cant mention who is going to be on the cover due to confidentiality, but i can say that it will be hottt!! so look out for that and just know yours trulyy was aprt of choosing it.! I alsoo found out my name will be in the credit on one of the first pages amongst the editors.!

So, yep. very excited, big things in '09. VIBE; working fashion week, getting them A's in school & MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK. (all i need is a boo that can match my swag lol lol) 2009 is going to be a great year for SAMMY. Tuh.!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

LMFAO: Nassau's own haitian V-->S.Dot.

This is The Funniest dude at Nassau. lmfao. Thanks Daphnee for the videos.! My blogs very own camera girll.! haha

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Punch Drunk Love-Common Feat. Kanye West. Nuff Said. (=

Mens Trend Report From Milan for Winter

"Suzy Menkes over at IHT reports in on the start of Milan Fashion Week. Note the striking point from Ms. Menkes “Recession is in the air - and on the runways, where it seems that men can dress for the winter 2009/10 season in any colors, as long as they are shades of gray, black and white…But this calm after the wild years of gilded crocodile trench coats and lavender cashmere sweaters is not such a bad thing. It is purifying men’s style and sending the pendulum swinging back to simpler, sustainable fashion.”

Source: International Herald Tribune

Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921;

$24,900.00 18K rose Gold.
Soooo, Valentines day is coming up...

Kanye Appearance.! MTV Inagural Ball

OMG. Did you guys see Kanye's performance last night. He's the best rapper/singer/DANCER ever.! i dont care what any of you's say! lol =^P. His performances make me happy. sigh* HAVE I EVR TOLD YOU GUYS THAT I LOVE HIM?! lol (=. I need me a kanye asap. (ok well maybe without the mohawk afro thing =/ sigh lol)

Best Friend Shout Out: Jessica Liz <3

Now i know i havent had anyyy females on my posts (beside myself of course haha). The reason being is because there arent many females like this one chicka (=. I dont get along with females very well. & it doesnt bother me, because females are so dramatic & Shady & fake like ew lol. i rather not put myself through that. so im fine with no "girl-friends" i got my few main bxtches & my 219038 big brothers/besties & My one Male Best Freind eric of course lol (dont mess with me. youll get beat up lmao jk jk kinda). Jessica is one of a kind. She is THE ONLY friend i have that does what i simply ask for. KEEP IT REAL. she keeps it 10000 with me all the time. i admit sometimes it hurts & bothers me, but at the end of the day i know it out of love & she does make sense %99 of the time lol. She's crazy justtt like me. Senior year wouldnt have been what is was without her. It was the craziest year for the both of us. We both had dumb boy problems with one particular boy each (lmao), Both lost someone very close to us =/ & both had laughing problems smh lmao. I love this girl & dont know where i'd be or what i'd do without her.!

Me & jessica met in h.s of course in end of 06-beginning '07. I remeber when i started seeing her as a great friend, when i didnt have anyone for my birthday & she actually went out her way & bought me a cake & everything for my bday.! i wasnt even that close with her as of yet. it meant so much to me.! She had also help me through a rough time in my life when i lost my uncle =/. She really helped me cope with it when i needed it. even months after. Then something tragic happened; Jessica lost the love of her life. Carlos Santos (RIP) =(. I dont even want to look back on the day. But it was hard. i tried to be there for her as muchhh as i could. i would visit her during school & even bought her this humoungouss (lol) card which everyyyone in the h.s signed lol. I know she appreciated it alot. I look up to her so much because if she can make it through that, she can make it through anything.& it makes me belive that i could make it through anything. also it taught me not to take loved ones for granted. If you love someone, love them like you'll never see them again.Thats why i keep my few great friend real close. Never have i seen a girl sooo strong. I know hes looking down on her & is so proud of her on how far she has come. Shes literallyyy the BEST friend i've ever had. I love her.!

I have the illesttt Best Friends right? haha succas! there mine =^P <3

Im Working at Fashion Week.! yaaay me (=

Ok so, i got a phone call from this lady at WWD (Womans Wear Daily) asking me if i was interested working at fashion week with them. (for you people that dont know WWD, its a major high fashion daily magazine/newspaper on the updates & news of fashion in the industry) That was the place i interned at before VIBE. It was the Men's division. which was great because i got to work with strictly male models lol lol. ok off topic, anyway so yea. Basically im going to be at the tents (Bryant Park) assisting WWD distrubuting there magazine & shows. ((= so i guess thats another goal to cross off the list of 2009 to do's lol. if you go back to one of my first posts,working at fashion weeks was definetly like number 3 or so. I always try my best to acomplish my goals & achieve greatnes and prove myself to them that they've chosen the right person. (=

Now for those that dont know what fashion week is exactly. Well its a week that everyone in the fashion industry looks forward to. Its like basketball fans looking forwards to the playoffs or something lol. Its a week full of the bestttt (sometimes the worst lol) fashion. It usually takes place at Bryant park on 42nd fifth ave. There shows include the best designers from Marc Jacobs, Dione Van Furtensburg, Louis Vuitton, Duckie Brown, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rag & Bone, etc. etc. There are two fashion weeks a year. One in february & the other in September. Which is the beging of the two main seasons in fashion fall and spring. Of course february, the designers showcase there upcoming Spring '09 collections. Last fashion week i was priveleged to attend my first fashion show at the tents through DNR/WWD.!!!! which was Kimora Lee Simmons. It was the greatest experience ever. surrounded by all this Glamour & Fame. I felt like so ill lolll. I was sitting across ffrom Danity Kane, Que from day 26, Cassie, Jadakiss & styles P (dont askk why they were at KLS lmao idk smh), etc. At the end of course she came out. omg it was so sureal. I love her & always looked up to her glamourous lifestyle & there she was, standing like right in front of me. sigh*. Good Times. Good Times =)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Young Talent: Great $cott Of Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream

This post is about My big brother; Great $cott. I call him my big brother b.c like a older brother, he motivates me & gives me the push & advise i need to make it in the fashion industry. Great $cott is like no other. He's worked hard to get were he's at today. He's interned for about 5 years & finally hard work payed off, and landed him a spot apart of the BBC team. He sets an example for me showing me that hard work does pay off. you just have to be driven & motivated. When we first spoke he stressed to me, its about who you know, not what you know. & unfortuanltey that is true. Great $cott helped me get my internship at VIBE. if it wasnt for him i'd probably be interning for NEXT modeling agency (something i didnt want to do). I wish there was a way i can thank you for all the help you've given me, but for now i can just be a faithful friend & Thank You.

GREAT SCOTT was born in East orange NJ, parents decendents of London and jamaciaScott stands for the people that come from the gutter! was underesimated and no matter what never let anything get in there way of achieveing there goals.... one of my motto's is THink different, Challenge Everything, and no matter what never blend in..... u gain more value when u are one of a kind... and fine like wine.... forever i will always shine. believe in your beliefs, and doubt your doubts, but never believe your doubts & never doubt your beliefs. I interviewed $cott & here are his responses (= Click Here For Great $cott's Myspace

  1. Who is Great $cott? A:GREAT $COTT is a man of infinite possiblities, a man that resprsents strength in everything he does. A King
  2. Whos your major fashion influences?A:Tom Ford; Marc Jacobs;Sean Combs;LOUIS VUITTON; YOHJI YayaMoto
  3. Whats you weakness?A: Food & Love
  4. Whats one piece of advise you'd give to all the upcoming talent in Fasion/Music industry? A: Invest in relationShips
  5. Who do you bump to frequetly in your ipod? (= A:Justice; Notorious B.I.G; ColdPlay Souljah Boy tell'em; Kanye West

  6. Why BBC? and how did you get there? A:whY BBC cause they represent what i represent,... wealth being in the heart and mind, not the pocket. being spiritually wealthy 1st..... now i got to bbc by doing a favor for a favor.... then proving myself worthy once blessed with the opportunity
  7. Were do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?A:in 5 years being free... be able to work for myself fully. and 10 years a legend in the game like Russell Simons, or Puff, or marc Jacobs for that matter... working with Louis Vuitton exclusively... and runnin a company like NIKE per se'
  8. Do you have any regrets Or would you do anything different?A:naw,... no regrets.....
  9. Who's the most important influencial person to you right now? A:right now, Rasheed Young
  10. Whats Great $cott's next great move? A:next Great move is working with Rasheed Young.... thats me new Mentor!

Sammy Rambling:Who The Heck Is Samantha Phagu?!

hmm; good question lol. everyone always ask how would i describe myself. Every guy asks that when you first meet them. & then they always leave with, "yo what is it about you?" or "theres something about you" (hence the blog name; Theres Something About Sammy" lol.) I would like to know what that something is. someone please lemme know. (= For the guys that keep asking. right now; i am single. I feel that relationships consist of time & effort. both of which i have no time for unfortunatly. my thing is work now play later; while evryone else is working towards success ima be there already, waiting lol. theres lots of time for "mingling" lol. but no time for slacking when it comes to success. Therefore im not looking for anything serious. however a girl does need a boo (= lemme know if yourinterested haha.

On another note; Samantha is a strong, independent young woman.I'm only 18 and half way to my dreams. like damn. im proud of myself. if you dont take pride in what you do who will? I have soooo many good qualities going for me! I'm probably one of the youngest, motivated, goal oriented young ladies you've encountered.& i know how to have fun. i laugh at pretty much anyyything lol. Im all about living life to the fullest.I have definetly been through alot. Good & bad. but at the end of the day i wouldnt change anything. Because i believe that evrything happens for a reason. & it made me into the strong young lady i am today. I always strive for excellence & %90 of the time i achieve greatness. I'm a very loving caring person when it comes to my friends. I tend to put people before me, which can be a bad thing at times. But all in all, im just a young lady, with extrodinary dreams. Working & grinding is everyday in the life of samantha phagu. (=


Eric Douglas:Upcoming Actor/Comedian.

Dont sleep on this kidd; You'll get nightmares (= haha.
Check him Out; peep the Linda Farrow Shades

Click Here For Eric's Myspace
Click Here For The Facebook!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ciara-Never Ever Feat. Young Jeezy <3

This Song is real.... =/

Kanye Photo Shoot For Observer UK Magazine (=


Kanye News:50 still Suckin Ye?? smh..

So 50 Cent hasn't quite given up on his conflict with Kanye West (that 50 has clearly lost)-- 50's website, This is 50, recently released a video titled "Kanye West Gets His Style From The Gays," that features Kanye talking about how gay people, in his opinion, dress the best. 50 (or, more likely, his entourage) clearly sees the video as a way to say that Kanye is homosexual, as evidenced by the title. But I'm not sure what they think the end result of putting this clip out will be. Do they think people wil stop listening to Kanye over the video? The video's point (I think) is to discredit West in the machismo-heavy gangster rap genre, but West has always detached himself from that world since the drop. If 50 really wanted to go after West for what he said in the video, he should have talked about how Kanye tries to make sure that he comes off as a straight guy who likes how homosexuals dress, not necessarily them personally. And how he jokes that he has to make sure that homosexuals know he's not into them, he just likes their clothes. But that's obviously not going to happen.

Chanel Spring-Summer '09 Guitar. Dope!!

Every season French luxury brand Chanel tends to come out with one special item, that you would usually not find from a brand in their category. In recent seasons we have seen bikes, a snowboard, skis, and also a fishing rod. Let’s be clear right from the start - these items are not made for enthusiasts in the category. You will never see a dedicated fisher use the Chanel fishing rod or a daily biker using the Chanel bike. These items are made for people that want something out of the ordinary, for fans of the Chanel brand.
For Spring/Summer 2009 they have once again made such an item - a guitar. Just like all the other items from previous seasons, the guitar also comes in all black, with white accents, and is wrapped in a signature quilted white Chanel leather guitar bag. Look out for its release in Chanel stores soon.

GQ Anounces Finalist For Best New Designer

GQ has announced the finalist for “Best New Menswear Designers in America” in conjunction with the CFDA. The six finalist selected by GQ are Benajamin Biby, Robert Geller, Rogues Gallery, Save Khaki, Shipley & Halmoss, and Yigal AzrouĆ«l. All the finalist are features in the February 2009 issue of GQ. “A panel of industry experts, including GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson, American menswear designer Thom Browne, and CFDA executive director Steven Kolb, will determine the winner.”

Jil Sander '09 RTW Collections

The Real Definition Of A Fashionista:

ok so; nowadays everyoneee thinks there a "fashionista". smh. A fashionista is someone who is bold & takes risks with fashion. Someone who, when everyone goes right; they go left. Its a person who know about trends but doesnt follow them. Instead they make it there own, therefore causing another trend to take place. A fashionista is someone who eats,breathe,sleep fashion. They known about all the known designers as well as all the up & coming designers. They Go to fashion Shows, Read fashion magazines &watch style network lol. Its someone who sees fashion as art and there body as a canvas. You catch my drift. If you fit this whole description, you are allowed to call yourself a fashionista. if not. please stop it.

With Love,

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lemme Put You On: Charles Hamilton-Jeezy Hamilton.

This is my shxt right now (=

Band Of Outsiders; Spring '09

I always loved Band of Outsiders. There so freaken dope.!

Click here for full Spring '09 Collection!

Lmao; Eric's Comedic Debut. Enjoy (=

Its' dark but you dont really have to see anything to know this shxt is hilarious. lmao.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Message To My Fans: I Mean Haters. (=

ok so; tell me why i've been getting a private call all day. everytime i pick up they would just hang up. like wth. lmao. finally they built up the courage to say something. Its was some dude. (obviously a lame one) & he told me to suck ******* & called me a bxtch. how disrespectful.! see. now me. I dont be having time for that H.S drama bull shxt. I had enough of that in H.S. I'm on my grind & that doesnt include B.S. So this is a message to my haters. (your probably reading this right now since it seems your suckin me). You can hate & hate all you want. You can try to bring me down. But dont hold your breathe waiting to see me fall. cause its not happening. lol Haters motivate me to go harder to prove them wrong. so if your gunna hate. pleasssseeeeeee hate on me.!!!! ((= ps; ima find out who you are & i got like 8 dudes ready to eff you up. k bye (=
xoxo_sammyy* <3

The Diary of a VIBE intern: Week One

So this has been my first week at VIBE magazine. It's been rather interesting. I intern every monday, wednesday & friday 9-7. Its located all the way on wall street.!Right across the water form Staten Island & Brokklyn. were on the 21st floor & have a balcony w a beautiful view.!! Of the whole brooklyn & all the bridges. i love it. pretty cool. Im like the youngest one walkinq around Wall St., going on lunch breaks there lol. they dont even have Wendy's & stuff.! all there is, are cafe's & stuff lol smh. =/Wednesady was fun.! it was intern day. were the editor-in-chief had a intern conference to intorduce all the interns & speak to us about the confedentiality code & all that. It was great & all the editors are superrr cool.! To even make it better; there was two cute editorial interns.! ((= lol. anyway the other intern working w me is a girl from queens named Crystal. She's an aspiring journalist & does photography as well. she's cool. She doesnt know much about fashion. lol but she's learning w my help of course (=. This week we've been getting ready for a big photoshoot tomorow & next wednesday.Checking in & organizing samples. The one tomorow is suppose to have a go green or go green story. Basically saying (since alot of streetwear brands dont have eco friendly garment yet) they twisted it into wear either the color green/ or eco-friendly green clothing. Cant wait for the shoot next week.! its suppose to be in a nice cafe in the city. I never done a photoshoot outside of a studio. so it should be fun. (= The funniest thing that happened today was when the other intern; Crytsal made the whole bottle of white out fall on our desk. i was like o.m.g smfh. Me trying to clean it up gets it all over my nails.! =( i was soo upset sigh* shxt happens. lol. Welp that about wraps it up for my first week at VIBE. i've already met some great people & am definetly lookinq forward to my experience at VIBE. stay posted for details on the shoot next week.! (=

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Billionaire Boys Club Spring-Summer '09. I Love it.!

Do they carry xs? =/

Best Friend Shout Out: Eric Douglas (=

Ok so; I'm going to have post for each of my best friends. I have veryyy few Trues. & those few help get me to were i am today.Without them; I wouldnt be who i am. Theres My one main guy best friend. I love everythingg about him,(but cant stand him at times lol) We met at NCC (lmao) & from there it was the start of a greattt friendship. (i bagged him lmao) He's a great friend;& from what i know of him from being his BFF he's one of the few great faithful guys we have out there smh;He treats Females with the most respect & has nothing but love for them. (girls are just dumb to realize when they have a great guy lol smh) He's the only one that can make me laugh till i cryyy lmao smfh.Even if im in the worst mood. Eric is my sexy bestie from Freeport, NY & is an aspiring Model/Actor.I keep telling him hes gunna be the next like Kevin Hart (lmao). A comedian turned Actor. I know he's gunna go far because he has great potential. Meet Eric. (= you guys need to get on that asap

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Getting One Of These. One Day. (=

Cavalli gets into finance & starts his own credit cards, w a snake skin finish. For the real ballers in the fashion industry. This card comes with special priveleges including exclusive sales & invites to fashion shows.! Looks like this "reseccion" is'nt affecting Cavalli. lol.

Lemme Put You On: Nicholas Kirkwood. (=

A blog that Bleeds New York. We take you into the lives of three NYC Born & Raised young ladies. From personal experiences, to what's the buzz. We give you OUR opinions on fashion, music, relationships or anything else going on in the world. We aren't here to please anyone. Either Love us or leave us alone.Welcome to Lipstick&Labels .xo

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