Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thom Browne Print AD

"The same “simple” approach that Thom Browne takes in his collections, at least that is the impression one gets at first, the designer also takes on his print ads. We loved his recent Pitti Uomo presentation, which also seemed simple. Simple might be the wrong word in this case, it is just different and very clean. There is much less of an emphasis on the surroundings - they seem more straight forward and maybe also more product focused. That also applies to this seasons print campaign, which even features the designer himself in the middle of the picture. The strap covering the eyes comes in Thom Brownes signature colors, used on many of his pieces in the collection"

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Set of Photoshoot. WilliamsBurg, BK

Fashion Editor: Randi & Market Editor/Stylist: Samantha <3

My Fave Edit Intern Brandon.!! =]

My BFF Daphh & Right Hand Randi

Chavis.! Styled By: Sammy.D
David.!!(Since he came perfect LOL) Re-Styled BY: Sammy.D
Story Of My Life. Dayne.!
My right handd/ Womans Stylist: Jason Rembert =]
Thnks Reggie.!
Some of the models & cast from the set of our VIBE Intern shoot for PULSE ]

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Keri Hilson-In A Perfect World

If you have not already done so; I'm going to need you to go out & get Keri's new album.! It has been the soundtrack to my life lately. OMG. Def something i can come home after a long day & Vibe to. =] My faves would def have to be: Make Love, Where Did He Go & QuickSand. Go & Cop.!! =]


Friday, March 27, 2009

Knock You Down-Keri Hilson Feat Kanye (My New Faveeee Video.!)

Keri Hilson Feat Kanye West & Ne-Yo - Knock You Down / NEW
by PeteRock

(Scroll to the bottom to pause music.!)

Amber Needs to fall back. LOL. Im on team Keri. They compliment eachother soo much.! I need a guy that can compliment my swag like these two do.! <3
ps; #1 on my must have list; Those chanel tights keri got on. OMG.! :]

The Flyest Guy I Know; Big Bruvaa FAB.!! LOL

But Wait. .Do You Peep The Throwback Chanel Nylon Jacket?! OMG. LOLMy Mans Fabbbb Goes in. Yep; He styles on hoes LOL. I Love This Kid Mucho :] Def a rider. Look out for him on the top.!!

Click For FAB's Myspace.!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LMAO; AHHH Pharrell.!!

(Just Scroll To The Bottom To Pause Music)

Lmao; Pharrell trynna get some grub at the Paris Airport before they close.! SMH NO LOVE LMAO.


Who's A Sucker For Fashion?! :] (Raises Hand LOL)

Via: fashionphile.com/blog

Let Me Put This Out There One Last Time.

Ok so, if you know me personally..you will know for a fact of my worst luck with guys LOL. now when i say worst luck I'm talking about the oneee thing that alwaysss happens to me...I call it "The Return Of The Ex" LMAO. Im laughing...but im deadass. Now me a daphne (MY BFF) Have spoke on this matter on numerous occasions.Like.;nuh nuh. LOL. Im not with it. & Im done now lol.I'm wayyy to much on my shxt getting my career started to worry about immature guys. If i get a dude..He will be someone that has a similiar hustle that i do in this fashion indusrty..someone that respects my grind & that we can compliment eachother..i may have someone in mind...LOL..anyway back to this ex shxt... 2 times in a row..ight bet. 3 times in a row...ehhh yikes....7 times in a row.. LMAO. ahh man. my point is that, being the person I am, I should not settle for being a rebound girl for NO guy. Why is there alwaysss an ex in the picture anyway? isnt the definition of an EX someone of your PAST?! like wth. keep it moving. LET GO & UPGRADE lol. & the one thing I cant standdd LMAO is when the ex comes at meee. & the funny part about it is I never even heard of them. SMH. That sounds like a personal problem..you should take that up with your "boyfriend"

Girls need to realize, the most important relationship you can have..is the one you have with yourself. If your allowing yourself to be treated like a rebound girl..or his side chick..your obviously not respecting yourself. Every girl (that isnt a bird lol) Deserves to have a great guy..but is every girl gunna get that?..ehh...how bout we just stop looking. Because when you look thats when you look in the wrong places & find the assholes. The good guys go looking.& will find you. =)

So if your even thinkingg about talking to me..Make sure #1)Your cutee & preferably have waves <3 lol dont ask #2)Have Great style & A love for fashion #3)have goals & ambition #4)Can keep this pretty smile on my face andddd #5) NO BAGGAGE or EXES.!!!!!! :]

& Im Gone xo.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tweet Me.!

I've done the myspace, done the facebook, done the blog...Now you can find your fave Guyanese Fashionista on Twitter =) Wheres theres networking..you'll find..Yours truely :]

Kanye On Complex Magazine. OMG.

Quote Of The Month (Your Doing Something Wrong If You Dont Have A Couple)

"There'll always be Haters, Thats the way it is,
Hater nxggas marry hater bxtches & have hater kids.
But they gunna have to take my life before they take my drive,
cause when I was barely living, thats what kept me alive."

Via: Kanye West_Bring Me Down

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ciara Feat. Justin Timberlake- Love Sex Magic

Very Beyonce-ish...but none the less..its HOTT.! Def Ciara at her best. I'm soo gunna learn to dance like her LOL.


Friday, March 20, 2009

The Worst Week Of '09 So Far.

Stressed.! (Im bout to just move to Staten Island & call it a day. UGH)
Ok so, for one. .My photoshoot is Sunday & i feel so disorganized =( I'm freaking out.!
Two, I go all the wayyy to Soho today for my interview & they thennn tell me, its cancelled & postponed to next week...sorry we didnt get to call. ?! yeaaa..I was tight. atleast i got to see my loviess Julian & Scottie.! & Lexiee.! <3
Threeee.! OMG. all im gunna say is i hate immature shxt where girls message you on MYSPACE (LOL) about why your messing w. there "boyfriend". UGH. Girls are Crazyyy & Boys are Remidial. Point Blank. & All ima say is Im just getting tired of this re-run of this episode. I'm done playing the 'rebound girl' role.I knew i should've turned back while i had the chance.. DO YOU SEE ME?! i dont deserve this shxt. eff out of here.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not a typical "Hotel Party"... A Suite Party.!! =)

If your interested, theres a huge SUITE Party tomorow night, Friday March 20th. Taking place in the meat packing district at The Standard Hotel (BTW 9th & 10th ave..mapquest it). 10pm. Drinks, hot girls, hot guys, hot tub.!! JUST hot shxt lol. Come dressed flyy as hellll. & bring bathing suits if your trynna get in the tub. =) Hosted by The kid Great $cott, Julian Ceasar, & Rome. ENJOY =)
Via: Great Scott & Julian. =)

Song Of The Week. . . .♥

Mario-Like Me Real Hard

(Just scroll all the way down to pause the music :] )

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Homerun For VIBE Fashion Interns.!!

Why is our photoshoot on media takeout ?! lmao. there just mad they cant afford the louis & cant pull it off?! & also!! why do people automatically asumme guys are gay just cause there fashionable ?! whats the deal ?? lol oh wells, aleast we got press & FOR THE RECORD; this wasnt even a shot that was being used in our mag. it was just them hangin outt. geesh! do you think i would reallly style a shoot with two diff louis bags & a goyard?! ew. tooo much lol =)

Vibe Fashion Interns:
Fashion Director: Randi Corbo
Snr Market Editor/ Stylist: Samantha Phagu
Accessories Editor/ Stylist: Julian Myers
Journalist: Crystal Dundas

Via: MediaTakeout.com

Monday, March 16, 2009

Photoshoot in The Meatpacking District! Produced by the VIBE Interns.

We sip champagne when we thirst-tayyy =) mmm; Twizzlersss lmao ?The Creww (Well Some)My Biggest Supporter <3 align="center"> Lunch Time =)
No one on the corner got swagga like US.!!Thanks Great $cott. !!! Thanks BANANAS & Co. !!! Thanks Rell <3Thanks Ironic Extinction. !!
Thanks Get.More.Fresh !!I was sooo looking for Whitney =/ lmao I reallyyy appreciated & loved the positive energy & all the support. !! We rocked it.! Now to prepare for sundays shoot. VIBE Fashion's going innn.!! :]

Saturday, March 14, 2009

WTF?!. . .STFU. !!!

Chanel Perspex Briefcase.
This is staright DOPE.! See this is whyyy Karl Lagerfield is THE MAN. He always gives us something different and creative to the game. You gotta respect him.=)
"Karl Lagerfeld presented a poised, elegant and mostly black take on power suiting for Chanel that included this take on the working gal's briefcase."
Via: KanyeUniversecity

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Day In Soho

I Wish I had my camera; well I did, but it was dead =/ So sorry. . no pics for this post. Anyway, I went to Soho today with one of my friends, Alexandra. I had to go job hunting.! We all know how that's a Bxtch. Tuh.!! I hateee filling out applications.! Whats the point if you have a resume ?! Welp, you gotta do what you gotta do. But before the Job hunting, I had to stop by and visit my Big bro Great $cott known for working for BBC, in the Soho Showroom. Every time I have a convo with this guy, whether it be on the phone or in person, & we discuss his newest projects, I always leave feeling mad inspired and motivated to keep up..or better yet catch up (lol) with this guy. Cant really mention much, but all I gotta say is watch out for this guy ! Great Scott. after that we troooped it to McDonalds (because that's all this fatass Alex wanted lol). It was the classiest looking Mcdonalds ever loll. We then walked throughout Soho filling out Apps UGH.

My fave stop was at BBC on W. Broadway. As soon as I walk in one of the Co-Workers shows me a pic on his Iphone and asks does this guy look gay. LOL. It was a guy w his shirt off trynna be sexy..I said LMAO Yea just a tad. Then the security guy and every one else starts dying. I just realized it was a pic of the Security guy. LMAO. they were like thankk youu. dont worry bout it he needed to hear that. LMAO. i felt so bad. oh well. the truth hurts =/. lol. i gave the guy my resume which was mad nice to me. then we went upstairs to the store. We were accompanied by one of the workers, Shawn. He was extra coool. If you havent been to the BBC store in Soho you need to do so asap. ! its beautiful .!! stars covering the walls all the way up to the ceiling, drak stairs with blue lights..just AMAZING.

While walking around, Some kid on a skateboard yells; Look its MIA.! OMG! I want her autograph.! me and alexandra start dyingggg. omg. too funny. It had been the 871204 time someone mentioned it to me today. maybe it was the mirror glasses, or the hair, or maybe the oversized shirt & legging...ugh idk. lol even on the buss coming home some boy asks..do you know who you look like. i said no & of course Alex had to say who MIA ?! lmao. If i had a dollar for everytime someone called me MIA, i'd be rich bxtch! =) lol lol GOOD SHxT

All in All; it was a productive day, met three new people (cough lmao), got an interview for american eagle, and had some great laughs. =) xo. Sam

California Dreams. . .

Ok, i've decides. In 3 years i find myself attending FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise) in the heart of Cali. No questions. I want to do something drastic with my life. I need a new surrounding, new people, new lifetsyle, new music, new fashion, new shopping scenes, new everything.! The west coast... Sure it will be scary. I mean, to go across country, away from alll your friends and family & know absolutley no one. well, I'm a good socializer, so i'll be good. I love to meet new people. Especially those of which share the same interest as mine. I would love to get an internship there for some great designer in LA, or get a job doing PR (Public Relations) for a huge designer. Public Relations are the people that handle all the samples, and help coordinate the shows, events, styling, etc. etc. DREAM JOB! lol. Thats probably why I absolutelyy love the HILLS !! soo much !! lol. Lauren Conrad lives the life I want to live, (Hold the drama) lol..had enough of that myself. Cali Bound, Attends FIDM, works in PR & Lives the social life! I just want to have the experience and knowledge of fashion on both sides of the country. EAST & WEST coast. =) Two completley different lifestyles..and how many of us can say we've experienced both ?.. I want to be one of those people. Once, that goal and chapter is closed...on to PARIS =) I'm trynna BLOW UP people !! I'm trying to make it that when you hear my name.. Samantha Phagu (Silent 'H' lmao)...you know exactlyyy who there talking bout. your gunna remember my name & you can quote me on that =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keri Hilson Promo Video For Her New Single "Make Love" (CO-Starring Kanye.!!!)

I'm Heartbroken! lmao. naah this is tuff! Cant wait for her album.! =)

In A Perfect World; end of March

Meet Va$Htie Kola =)

You may know her or heard of her next to pharrell's name. I first heard of her when they were actually dating. Its nice to see another "Coolie" lol being successful & independent in this fashion industry. Vashtie has a trinidadian background born & raised in Albany, NY. She recently was at Def Jam Records as Director of Creative Services where she assisted in directing videos and film. She recently left to pursue her own dreams. Vashtie, also known as "The Downtown Sweetheart", Is in the process of launching her clothing line called Violette. She got the urge to design while working for the brand STUSSY. Violette can be describes as her style, Tom-boyish, yet fashion forward. She never really liked girl brands and used to take her Supreme Tees tailored to fit her. Also, she has a heart on the sleeve of her shirts. This reflects her opinion on 'wearing your heart on your sleeve". She appreciates it because it's being honest and open. "I find beauty in someone who isn’t afraid of showing how they truly feel".
Keep your eye out for this talent !!
Check Her Links: Vashtie.com

Kanye West x Amber Rose. . .Yes? No?


Monday, March 9, 2009

My Fave Mens 09 Accessorie! BOW TIESS !!!

The King Of the Fashion Game Right Now: Tom Ford =)
Pharrell =)
Joe Broes =)My Mainnn Squeeze Kanye 2 Da =)
Takashi Murakami x Dee & Ricky Lego Bow Tie
Gotta love Chet From Real World Brooklyn =) lol
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