Sunday, July 19, 2009


now im suree we all had our fair share of heartbreak as well as breaking sum. But my 1st real heartbreak was in H.S. senior yr 2 be exact. w. some1 who i actually
knew 4 a pretty long time. but skipping all the uneccessary details we finally started tlkingg. & i really started to like him. I really felt as though he was a sweet guy, w. a good head on his shoulders who wud never hurt me. i even felt comfortable enuff w. him & felt safe enuff w. this guy that he ended up being my 1st Little did i kno. Because once i really started to let my guard down, i soon came 2 find out, that i wudnt be the only girl whos heart he wud be breakinggg. LOL.
I remember asking him "soo tlking to any other grls " just 2 make sure we were on the same pggg. but come 2 find out he was tlking 2 one of my friends frm elementary school che'leah . him thinking that we werent cooL he thought that he cud juss g' us both down-playing the relationships he had ! ughhhh it was such a mess. he pretty told me i was the perfect girl for him Nd. all that shxt. but surely enuff he was telling her the same
thingggggg ! . I dont remember exactly how we found out bout each other BUT wen we did it was clear that he playing us aganist each other. soo we decided not 2 goo off the bullshxt that he was spitting in our ear & juss tlk it out as grown woman & we did. !
Tho it broke my heart, it was good to hear the truth frm her, and not shxt that he was trynna tell me, tlking bout "this, that & the 3rd".
soo we pressed him & asked whut was the deal & boy did i let him haveee it. as we both did. & in a true lame fashion he tried 2 cover his own ass. smmhhh . trynna play the nice guy role. but i was thru.! & was ready to moveee on i cried my eyes out. cuz the feelings i had were stronggg.
but my friends were there 2 build me back up . ! and i also gained a new friendddd. LMAO yup che'leah, we became gr8 friends actually. Nd i
like to say to this
"special" guy no thnx for the heartache but thnx 4 the friend that ive gained LOL
OH & thnx for making me how i am 2dayyy ! Nd. messing me up 4 the nxt guy its saddd but the truth. therefore me being a complete commitment phob & afraid 2 get hurt. cuz wen it happended it hurt sooo bad.
its life tho rite gottaa take it Nd. keep it movingg.ill be alrite thooo.
smhhh !
dedicated to him thnx for the pain you caused me and i hope you realized you lost a gr8888 gurl.
"i did this 4 you too leahhh ! " <3.

signing out xo. Lexxie

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