Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sooo for the last few months i've been talking to this kid. Hes pretty much the all around guy but who would of thought that i would end up liking him so much. LOL. Only my besties knows what i went through to get here; BUT IM ACTUALLY HAPPY THIS TIME. (smiley face.lol) so anywho.....his name is Peyton a.k.a HEARTBREAK PEYT although the name doesnt fit him at all. I THINK I GOT MYSELF A GOOD ONE!!!! we've been talkin for a few months...you kno the cute movie dates and meeting the fam. yeaaaaa all that good stuff.....and we finally made it official as of JULY 10, 2009..HIS BIRTHDAY!
MAN O MAN..his birthday. LOL. soooo i decided to show up at his job with some homemade cup-cakes. YUMMMMMM!!!! (lexxies voice).LOL use your imagination. WHAT DO YOU THINK WE DID WITH THE CUP-CAKES?? nah let me stop. but the idea sounds good. but i did reenact the "birthday sex video" mhmmmmm. lets just say he didnt have to do much. :-X lmfaoooo!! then at the end of a GREATTTT DAY; he asked me to be his girl. Of course it took a lot of work to get to this comfort level but in the end it was all worth it. =]]
If you ladies are looking to get wifed by the one that your talking to, give him something different to work with and don't make yourself another girl on his list!!!!

If you have any question, comment, opinion, ideas ANYTHING on commitment, relationships, etc. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME!! DLigonde23@gmail.com (besides this blog is more for our readers then for us)

sealed with a kiss, Jadore Daphh

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