Tuesday, July 28, 2009


JadoreDaffx3 (2:19:59am): check out me and the besties blog. boyzandclothes.blogspot.com
TRAZY2k (2:27:19am): pretty good blog i must say
TRAZY2k (2:27:23am): 8-)
JadoreDaffx3 (2:27:42am): it is???
JadoreDaffx3 (2:27:56am): don't play with my emotions
TRAZY2k (2:30:21am): LMAO
TRAZY2k (2:30:26am): i would never do that daph
TRAZY2k (2:30:31am): its a good blog deadass
TRAZY2k (2:30:46am): alot of dope shit to read
TRAZY2k (2:31:02am): you girls have very good taste in wut you allow to be on ur blog
JadoreDaffx3 (2:31:17am): awwwww thanxxx
JadoreDaffx3 (2:31:28am): im goin to blog this convo
TRAZY2k (2:32:52am): {Max B voice} Oooowwwwwww
TRAZY2k (2:32:53am): do it baby do it
TRAZY2k (2:33:01am): 8-)
JadoreDaffx3 (2:33:11am): LOL :]

i love this kid. :] good feedback on the blog. yehesssss!!!!!
sealed with a kiss, Jadore Daphh :-*

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