Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Dear Anonymous,

Now im pretty sure, you alreadyy kno whut this is about, but ive never felt like i was able to explain to you the way i wanted 2 ... so what better 2 do it, then in this letter. We've bin friens ever since i can remember, I remember wen you had a crush on me in 9th grade but i wasnt giving you the time of day. LOL.. even tho you kept me laughing and junkk.i didnt come around til 12th grd .[dammn LOL] but wen i finally did, you kinda moved on, but i didnt let that stop me. ;). The ball pretty much started rolling the time of my bday ov 07' close to time wen i had my heart-broken. but you were there, to keep me laughing and forget bout that LAME. and thats whut attracted me to you the most.[you were caring, thoughtful & hilarious] even thou you didnt believe it at that timeee ,it was clear & obvious 2 my friends that i was crushing harddd.

So frm then on, our friendship got strongerrr, and in a sense soo did our "relationship".
We wud have our little late night chilling time, where we wud juss chill on my porch til 4 am. & juss tlk bout random ish. & its weird cuzz your the only boy that cud i truly say i feel most comfortable around even tho at times til this day [yeaahh 3yrs later] i still act little shyy. =X As time progressed we went thru our ups & downs as every "relationship" does, and multiple times i wud say to Daphh & Sammyy "yoo i swear im done w.| him" but in true fashion especially when i saw youu, all that shxt that i was tlking went out the window.

We wud have our little falling outs, when youd be away at college & id bee doing my own, thingg and wuddnt hear frm each other in monthss..& ofcourse id bee like "f- him" and doo my own thingg. where id tlk 2 other boyzz and whut not, but in the back of my mind, id be comparing 2 youuu. & would hold baq on them, regardless of how cooL they were. Just because i knew once summer rolled around youd be baq home... Now its summer ov 09' & weve still been doing this whole thingg, & if anythingg. my feelings for you have gotten even stronger,

Though we both dont want the whole relationship thingg rite now. i cudnt ask for a better person to do have these feelings forr . Because at the end of the dayyy its not just a crush or some1 that i like your also a friend. and thats what makes it all the more special.
So now after all these yrs of me punking out, [LOL] of telling you how i truly feel, I hope this letter makes it easier 4 you 2 understand. <3

this letter was just to let out how ive felt 4 the past few yrss [BUT] i kno your reading thiss post ....


did this post while listening to Mario-Like Me Real Hard.mp3

signing out xo Lexxie <3.>

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