Sunday, July 19, 2009


"But i'm different from them". LOL. that never gets old..

FIRST NITE TALKING.....(skipping the intro)

GIRL: "what are your intentions??"

GUY: "i'm trying to wife. i'm done messing with all these females!"

GIRL: "but i heard that from the last guy...."

GUY: "but im different; i can treat you better.. "

GIRL: ::thinking:: righhhhhtttttt
^-(this could go vise versa)
I heard that soo much that it made every single one of them sounded the same. Why do people feel the need to SAY that their different instead of SHOWING it. by now all it is... just words.

Peyton def. said those words to me. LOL. Did i believe it???? NOPE. Did he show me otherwise??? At first..ehhh.....LOL. i questioned him but now its a definite YES!. Can i say the same for allll guys??? HELL NOOOO! it took more then him talking to get where it did.

Honestly i rather skip the whole getting to know someone cuz it all bullshxt! the feeling is always better when it feels like you already knew them. (maybe its just me...idk)

sealed with a kiss, Jadore Daphh :-*

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