Sunday, July 19, 2009


yeah so 2day def was a slow sunday... until sammy came over. lol. why be bored alone wen you can have company rite. ?! .. so im out & whut not then sam hits me up tlking bout "ohh im at ur house" mind you im not home this is when it gets real soo i tell her juss go wait 4 me til get home. lol now thatss some real shxt. soo she waits in my room chillen while no1s home. lol. but anyways soo i get there and she sitting on my porch [the chill spot] & tells me how one of her best friends is in the hospital . smhhh ! . long story short. soo basically she wants to see if she make her way 2 the hospital to see him; but like always wenever you need nxggas thatss wen every1s busy. so trynna find a ride is a hassale. & we finally get my sister to come scoop us soo then she finally comes at 7:30 [w. my little neice who is the cutest thing ever & loveee to deathhhh!] but visiting hrs r ova at 8. smh & plus he was on his way home. so even tho. it was lame ass sunday i spent it w. my best friend sooo its never lame. Lots of laughs & crazy momentssss. nothing to crazy 2 blog bout . juss a chill ass sundayy

oh p.s violence is never the way 2 solve ANYTHING ! its juss lame
anywho get better . ! sammies bff :)

signing out. xo Lexxie <3.

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