Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shaq now on Cavs. Lebron x Shaq = 2010 Champs ??..what you think ??

Do you guys think this callab will land them a def spot in 2010 ?? Or do you think shaq isn't the old shaq from the lakers that we all know in love. ? I want feedback :]

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Sky today in Time Square.. Cause MJ is up there.. <3..

Tell me this isn't just the craziest scene ! It looks like a painting. today while in time square NYC i see EVERYONE looking up taking pics @ the bizzare sky. This cant be just any coincident. i know its MJ. Today Time Square was filled with his energy. EVERY where blasting MJ. People walking around in sequence, mj jackets, glitter gloves. All in tribute to our king of pop. It was amazing. We lost the most influential man of our time... <3.


When the world first saw MJ Moonwalk. CLASSICCC !

Lady Gaga at the Much Music Video Awards. <3 !!!!!

I swear i see a madonna in the making. I LOVE HER !!! <3>

RIP MJ ...

:"( ..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sammy one on one time :)

So, lately i've been working like crazy. I still work at Guess in roosevelt field mall. :/ Retail really blows ! My main focus this summer is really saving up for my car, because life would just be that muchh easier !! LOL. I'm currently looking for a second job. I've taken a slight break from interning but will be back on deck in the fall! especially for fashion week :) As for my personal life..its been going pretty great. I've met this one person that makes me very happy :] & i've met alot of great people over the past month or so. All in all life is pretty great & i'm actually happy lmao (this is probably the first post of me rambling speaking on how happy i am). I've just really learnt to let go, & not force anything. Everything will fall in place..& sure enough thats what its been doing :]
When you dont see me on's cause my life has been sadly taken over by twitter lmao.

Trey Songz- Need A Girl (LOVE IT)

Jimmy Choo x H&M

"So the streets have been going mad with excitement over the recent announcement that Jimmy Choo will be collaborating with H&M in the fall. Jimmy Choo will be launching a collection of bags, shoes, and accessories and clothing line for men and women at H&M stores. The items will hit stores on November 14th, so be prepared. Jimmy Choo will be the first high-end shoe line to work with a store likeH&M, and once again we’re happy. "

Pharrell's Gold G-Shock Watch. Wavey !

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


"I Don't Chase Money, & I Certainley Don't Chase Guys. I Chase My Dreams, & The Other Two Come Effortlessly."
xo. Sammyy

Your Room Should Be Filled With Inspiration...

I have perfected my room to be a place where i can feel inspired every morning when I wake up, before I go into the world to further myself. As well as every night before I go to sleep. Life is all about THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Everything in our life, we have attracted to ourselves. In order to attract something, you need to surround your self with it & absorb as much of it as you can. My love for fashion takes over EVRY aspect of my life. School, Work, Interns, My friends, My style, My hobbie, My talent, My pride..everything. Everything in life should be EFFORTLESSLY. If you find yourself forcing it, it was not meant to be. What comes effortlessly is given to us by god. God gave EVERYONE a talent. Thats why i believe everyone should use their talent as their career. I personally don't agree with people that say they're going to schooo for '"accounting" b.c its good money. You should NEVER chase money. That's not our goal in life. Our goals should be to chase our dreams, & the money will come effortlessly. Use your talent, &stay positive. Beleive me..If it was meant to be & you work for it..It will happen. & this fashion thing..Is going to happen for me...I have faith.
LOL..Inspired after watching a movie called "THE SECRET" It's a movie on the secret of life & success with a bunch of millionaires & entreprenuers. OMG..Everyone needs to watch this. Shout out to my brother KEVIN for putting me on. LOL =)


Uhhh..Halle Berry & Jamie Foxx ?? Ha.

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