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Birthday Sex Official Video ! YES!

I so want to remake this.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where Will Amazing Be ? (NBA COMMERCIAL VOICE)


The past two games have been amazing ! Let me talk about my LAKERSSS first. OMFG LMAO. If you have my twitter ( you'll know i was odee hyped. LOL Nuggets fans everywhere were upset at me LOL. Lost followers & everything. Even won a bet to make some kid that HATES kobe change his twitter name to @iheartkobe LMAOO. AH. =) But how carmelo lose on his bday ? Im not gunna lie, he's a great player...but they played sloppy. SMH your suppose to bring your A game. Instead they brought they're Z game ? LMAO SMH. Anyway, we won by a wopping 27 points ! OUCH LOL. Proves, KOBE IS A BEAST !

Now Cavs VS Magics. EVERYONEEE was sooo sure the cavs would win. Lebron lebron lebron, is all i been hearing. Lebron VS Kobe. LOL I personally wasn't so surprised. People hyped lebron so much that they forgot how much of A BEAST Dwight Howard was. This guy is unhuman i swear LOL> He went in. He def reminded people who he is. Now there going to the finals, since 1995 ! (I was only 5 LMAO) Damn. Congrats to them & im excited to see this game !! Im calling out & everything LMAO. I can finally say, its going to be an unpredictable game. This series was very exciting ! sad its coming to an end =( whats gunna be my excitment at night now ? LOL

PS; so; im sure they're tight they spent all that money on those kobe & lebron commercial on who's going to be MVP LMAO. SMH. HYPE for no reason LOL.

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Album Reviews:


If you havent even tried listening to his album; your missing out ! OMG. This is REAL MAFIA MUSIC ! It makes you feel like your apart of a mafia in Miami. When I listen to "Mami Murder" Ft Foxy Brown I feel like some H.B.I.C (Head Bxtch In Charge) HAHA. Loves It ! You never know if you don't give it a try. I know people dont like him due to his past, but trust...his music is what it comes to & its DOPE ! Inlcuded; "Mafia Music", "Maybach Music 2", "All i really want" & more.


This much anticipated album goes so hard ! Every track you can feel his pain and what he's been through. He dishes out his addictions, struggles, everything. Its a very deep album & he's def letting everyone know "HES BACK". Hip hop is still alive due to rappers like him !

This table is just DOPE !

Young Talent: Eric Sosa

Eric Sosa is a up and coming rap artist, with passion, creativity & heart. His roots are in Queens,NY & definelty has that NY flow. I see big things for him and his music. I personally sat and listened to his tracks & became a fan. Take out some time & do the same. You know Sammy doesn't back up anything i don't think isn't certified DOPE ! =)
Eric Sosa's Myspace

Thursday, May 28, 2009

??Questions I Ask Myself As Of May??

  1. Why Don't I STILLL have my lisence ?!
  2. Why are Guys Such jerks & liars
  3. Why are guys so insensitive
  4. What drug was spectacular (pretty Ricky) on when he made that video?!
  5. Why is it so easy to hate; but so hard to love?
  6. Why do we appreciate things & people when they're gone, more then when their around ?
  7. Why is Jay-Z taking forever to come out with blueprint III?!
  8. Why is twitter so addicting ?! ( LOL
  9. Why do i always give people the benefit of the doubt ? SMH.
  10. Why was Rihanna trying to take cassie's nude pics shine ? SMH LMAO.
  11. Why the eff is Rihanna so POPPIN !? (NO HOMO)
  12. Why are subliminal messages to people over twitter & aim so fun ?
  13. When is Long Island going to get poppin ? never ? oh.
  14. Speaking of which; when am i moving out of long island !?
  15. Why did VIBE have to end so soon? -_-

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Precious" Movie Trailer**!!

Cant wait to see this. Looks like its going to be so real!! Haven't seen a movie like this in a while. Peep Mariah Carey though! LOL.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

VIBE's PULSE Photoshoot

One of my fave pics that we shot.
Photographed by: Steven Duarte
Fashion Director: Randi Corbo
Stylist: Samantha Phagu & Jason Rembert for the lovely lady.

Drew Barrymore..Like WTF?

According to; Drew Barrymore was accused of TRYING to bite off of Rihanna's Style..And failed..miserably. Like WTF is she wearing though ? Not well put together & she doesnt have the "swag" to go with it at all ! & the to go ma ma ! LOL

Rihanna Dope Look: Rodarte Leggings !!!!

Why is she so fly! She's a BEASTT on the scene !! Do you peep the ear to ear chain earrings though ?! If i had one would be to raid Rihanna's closet..i swear.. LOL

x & o's readers =]

Last Days At VIBE..

& Im Out.
Damn..Its finally come to an end. Its been real. It's had its ups..and its had its downs. Just like any internship. Its hard working for 'free'. Thats why you HAVEE to be passionate about it..or else there will be no motivation..and wo will get nothing out of it and will not make it. ANYTHING IS POSSABLE WITH AMBITION. This fashion thing is real. Its all i want..all i need...and all i have. & thats REAL talk. second internship..completed. Next up for me ? who knows..this summer is gunna be big though. Anything Sammy has her name gunna be big. TRUST.
x & o's Readers ; )

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Karl Lagerfield Is The Man !

I love the irony of this picture, that was featured in Harpars Bazar. Everyone is in on the whole "tight" look, he kills it in his baggy fit. HAHA; this guy can make absoultely anything look dope ! I Love Him !

Whats your thoughts?

No; this is not Dee & Ricky. This is Lego teaming up with Lynx Optique. These glasses are designed so that you can practically make anything you want on the on a daily basis. I think its dope ! What do you think ? DOPE or NOPE ??..

Some More Pics From Vibe Party/After Party For PULSE



Long Time...

Sorryyyy once again for abandoning my blog. =/ VIBE & School has taken over these past two weeks. I seriously need a vacay. School is finally done ! & Today was my last official day at VIBE. I still will be in contact with everyone though. I'm also suppose to be assisting them on a huge photoshoot next week..which I'm super excited about ! =) Last week, the VIBE internal publication, PULSE MAGAZINE, was released. It's the magazine created and put together by the VIBE Interns exclusively. The release party was a success and even got press.! I promise I won't be abandoning my blog again anyyyy time soon =)

I missed you readers !! How've you guys been ?!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rihanna at MET Ball in NYC

I personally loved this look. Not many can pull this off but i think it's dope. I dont know why people think otherwise.Everyone has they're own opinions though. Whats yours?!?

Dudes Were Playing No Games When It Came To The Yeezy's LOL

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some of The Hottest New Summer Accessories!

(Rome's Gummy Bear Gold Ring; Bananas Brooch; Dee&Ricky Lego Heart Brooch) (Romes' Gummy Bear Ring; Dee)Ricky Heart Brooch)

Want one?! =]

They all come in different varities. So support & Look flyyy!! =)

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