Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shoutout: The Best-Friend Richard

This guy!!! Richard is by far the funniest guy i knowwwww. LOL. deadass i can never stay mad around him. -_- but you need someone like that in your life :]. He always keeps it real with me no matter what it is; thou sometimes i hate it, i really need it. He helps me see both sides of the fence. I LOVEEEE THIS KID!!!!!!
What am i goin to do with him. seriouslyyy!
Never a dull moment with him.
sighhhhh. our pictures rarely come out clear we're never ready!!. LMAO


and hes single!!!. LOL. get at him ladies...well not all ov' you b/c some of you are ridiculous -_-. yeaaaa im over protective over him. not just anyone can talk to him. Hes a quality guy! hard to come by these days...

Follow him :]
or send me your info and i'll slide it his way

sealed with a kiss, Jadore Daphh :-*

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