Friday, July 17, 2009

I Hate:

  • When boys play games. Get straight to the point. whats your intentions? we're grown right?
  • Guys that look mad Yockk trying to holla at you. Know your place & dont do it to yourself.
  • People that hop on bandwagons (Stylist, Basketball fans lol, Kanye, Jay, etc etc etc) They take away from the REAL passionate ones.
  • Being lonely.
  • When I dont get what I want. >:[
  • Guys that hit you up at 3 in the am asking to chill everynight. wtf those are booty call hours. Im no booty call. LOL
  • Guys that feen for you to send them pics. I dont be trusting nxggas. LOL ! -_-
  • People that try to be something their not to "fit in". what is fitting in nowadays anyway ?
  • Liars.
  • Guys that roll down all the windows speeding down the highway. My hair always messes up & it annoys me :( LOL. !
  • Guys that either: dont let you breathe or that let you breathe too much. LOL ! I want attention to know your interested, but don't need you clockinn my every moves. xo.
  • Vegetables.
  • That this list is getting mad long for NO reason though. LOL ! :]

Hugs&Kisses. Sammyy*

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