Sunday, November 29, 2009


Bathing Ape has decided to do a collaboration with The Beatles which will consist of T-shirts, a sweater and a pouch bag. Each item incorporates the Beatles whether it would be they're album covers images, logos, autographs. No select date on when this will hit the stores, or a price but it definitely a good look.



Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lupe Fiasco New Mixtape: "Enemy of the State: A Love Story"

Underrated Artist!!!!!! Listen for yourself :]

"Enemy of the State: A Love Story"



This is a PSA for St.Judes hospital ft.Reggie Bush (yum) :]


Friday, November 27, 2009

RIHANNA FIX: Release party & Christmas list [VIDEO]

The golden girl of the night. ;]

All she wants is GREAT sex & food for Christmas!!  LMAO



Why do people play "hard to get"?
Its about to be 2010. You still on that?????

[i've realized when you pay no mind to them after a while they cut that shxt out. LMAO. but know if there really not interested. SMH! ]


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


"Stop focusing so much on change.. & Be thankful for what you have already."
God Bless. xo L&L

Monday, November 23, 2009


Say hellooooooo to my new job at the Law Office of Learie R Wilson. P.C. yup a Law Office. sounds pretty hectic huh???? because it is!!! O_o. I used to work as a personal assistant for a real estater but as for now i'm temporarily a legal assistant for this Law Office....or maybe not temporary who knows what the future holds. but anywhoooo. i pretty much do the typical clerical stuff but it doesn't stop there. I draw up contracts for buyers and seller of houses, divorces,  and anything else you can think of. Pretty much things you would have to go to school for i learned all on my own. Not that many opportunities get thrown my way so when it doesssss i'll never turn it down. I kinda like this job better because i actually get to interact with people outside the four walls LOL. for those who don't know at my old job i felt like i was secluded from the world. :-/ . I feel as though this job can help me in many ways as far knowing how to handle situations under a lot of pressure as well as others. Anyways..i'll let you guys know how it goes later onnnn. i just wanted to let you guys know what been going on with me....
.i wont let it take away from Lipstick & Labels. ;) xoxo



out of all the performances last nite without a doubt. Jay-z ft. Alicia Keys performing "Empire State of Mind" was absolutely my favorite, it was amazing. No matter how many times Jay performs this single is still phenomenal.
you can literally feel the energy coming thru the screen.
ohhh i know ya peep the 2 step this man is tooo smoove.

"Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Dont"
(hope you were paying attention 50. LOL)


now tell me he isnt the illest.
Kobe Bryant hits a shot from behind the back board.!!. this had me weak. LOL.
id die for #24. ALL DAYYY !


Sunday, November 22, 2009

NYC Event: Rihanna Signing at Best Buy in Union Square !

A Bathing Ape Presents: "Go Go New York"

"Celebrating the New York Yankees 27th Major League Baseball ChampionshipA Bathing Ape applaud the efforts of countryman and World Series MVP Hideki Matsui (DH for the Yankees) with a special t-shirt donning his number 55 on the backside along a crowned Bape logo on the front. The “Go Go” tee, meaning 55 in Japanese, goes on sale this Sunday, November 22nd exclusively through A Bathing Ape NYC. A US webstore launch is expected for Monday, November 23rd, 2009."


Saturday, November 21, 2009

NYC Event: November 26th - Party w. Splash Ent. & Fabolous: The PROMENADE

PARTY WITH @TheSplashLife & @Myfabolouslife NOV. 26th. If your in NY this is the place to be !

Get your tickets NOW ! = ]

New Video ! Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy

Robin Thicke's New Album, Sex Therapy will be dropping Dec. 8th. So look out for that !
Enjoy this HOTTT video. Def something to add to your "after hours" playlist. ; )

Hottie of The Week: Lance Gross

Lance Gross, born July 8, 1981 is an American actor currently portraying Calvin Payne in the TBS sitcom Tyler Perry's House of Payne, and other Tyler Perry productions such as the Meet The Browns film. He has also been on The Bernie Mac Show as well as Eve. Lance turned down the chance to become a professional track and field athlete in order to pursue his dream of acting. You may know him from being married to Eva Pigford of America's Next Top Model.
Jumping to the point. We think he is a complete HOTTIE ! Hot enough for Lipstick & Labels. Shout out to Lexxie for putting me on ! Bwhaha. So Enjoy. xo

VIDEO: Fabolous (Feat. Kobe) - Imma Do It

Niceeeeeeeeee [Fabolous voice]

i never knew what that kobe guy looked like till this video.(-shrug shoulder)


YRB Interview with “Rising Icons” Kid Cudi

YRB Mag sits down with Cudi for an interview during before his BET Rising Icons performance.
l love Kid Cudi.  Can't wait to see his new video for Pursuit of Happiness...


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random thought.....

Now a days women don't fx*k guys for money.... they fx*k with guys with money. 
it's not even on that independent women shxt. we just want a guy on the same level or better.... k thanks ;]


Splurge Item ! Christian Louboutin "Maggie" Pumps

"She didn't step in blood, Those are LOUBIES !!" = ]

These platform pumps are hot especially this particular colorway (Tabacco/black) with suede covering the entire pump accentuated by the gold-toned chainmail cap toe, also let’s not forget to mention the signature red leather sole. This will run you aboutttt .. $930 !



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Marc Jacobs

One of my FAVORITE designers of our century right now in fashion HAS to be Marc Jacobs.
"Marc Jacobs was only sixteen when he started working as a stock boy at the influential Upper West Side boutique Charivari. It was there that he first met Perry Ellis—the designer who, Jacobs says, encouraged him to apply to Parsons the New School for Design and mentored him while he was a student. Eight years later, Jacobs produced his infamous grunge collection for the Perry Ellis label. It was also at Charivari that Jacobs sold his first pieces, a collection of oversize, hand-knit sweaters that he designed while at Parsons (his grandmother made the original samples), the popularity of which he still refers to as "kind of my first big break.

Today Jacobs is one of the most well-known and closely watched designers in the world, helming his own signature label, a diffusion line, and the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. But he shies away from offering explicit advice to anyone looking to duplicate his success: "I hate the word advice," he explains. "It's not a mathematical situation. I'm happy to share my experience, but everybody has a different path."

Monday, November 16, 2009


enjoy!! :]


Thinkingggggg...... :-/


I didn't expect my own best friend to treat me like that. You would of thought that at least we would of came to a compromise but it doesn't surprise me that didn't happen. I felt like talking to him was so pointless because no matter what i said he was going to make out what he wanted from it. This wasn't the first time we had this conversation  and i should of just left it alone..why keep trying to fix something when the other person doesn't want to understand where your coming from. It's just been so frustrating to the point i just cry about it cause no matter what i say my point is never taken. Lately hes been acting different but come to find out it was because of the first "talk" we had. He took everythhhingggggggggggg i said and took it completelyyyyyyy wrong and got offend by it for no reason. So what can i do??????? Nothing!! I've never gotten into in argument with him we never bumped heads until recently. After hearing all the talks about the problems he goes through with girls and the way he would just end it by just saying he didn't care......... it was easy for him to give me an ultimatum about our friendship. like your serious tho?????? like he was the last person i everrrrrrr expected to act like that towards me.......... :-(
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