Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dinner & New Hair Color. =O ! LOL

Great $cott, BFF Julian & ME =)

Randi & ME (AKA Keri Hilson & MIA LMFAO)

Rome & His Gummy Bear Rings (A summer must cop!) Randi, ME & DJ

Slackin' on My Mackin'

I know I know. I been slacking on my blogging. =/ Apologies. Just at that hectic point right now. Finals, Internship ending, Job, ETC.! But Im back on top of my blog game =). <3

Also, wanted to thank all of those that are following my blog. It truley does mean alot to me. Love yu guys ! & feel free to contact me at anytime. Love to chat =]

x & o's Readers <3


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pharrell Gets Rid Of Tattoos!

WOW; so pharrell really got rid of his tatoos! I heard rumors of this a while back, but seems he really did it! =/

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kanye West- Amazing -Official Video!



Monday, April 20, 2009

Rob Roy-Fur In Cap

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I just love this song & video HAHA. Dope.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

??Questions I Ask Myself As Of April??

(SideBar: I Love my new Supreme Beanie_*Sigh) =D

  1. Why don't I have my license yet?!
  2. When is BluePrint III coming out already?!
  3. Why is Aim so wack & Twitter so poppin?! LMAO
  4. Why am i still single?!
  5. Why dont I have a job?
  6. What am i going to do after VIBE?! =/
  7. Why are girls so jealous & petty???
  8. Why are guys so afraid of taking risks??
  9. Why don't I have my chanel sneakers yet?!?!
  10. Why the heckkk am I not a millionaire yet?! LOL
  11. Why is Everyone a "Stylist" nowadays?!

x & o's Readers =]

NBA 09 Playoffs.!!!!! =D

Of Course Im going for the lakers.! They're taking it this season! (Crosses fingers). I also wanted to adress the fact that people swear that all lakers fans are just bandwangon followers. I agree that 50% are...but the other 50% (Including myself, shouldnt have to take the fall) Kobe is a great playerr but not the only reason i like them. I personally love the line up of Kobe, Gasol & Odom. Their all great player. Even though i was hating odee hard on the celtics last year..there also a very strong team & of course cant forget the cavs. Lebron is the man!! I really hope the lakers get it though (especially b.c of all my shit talking LOL). Im still in debt from last year.I love playoff time, something to look forward to watch, Im trynna go to staten island, kick back & watch the lakers game ; ) LOL. Who are you guys going for ?! =]

PS; so, in Kanye news LOL. The NBA has officially annouced Kanye's single AMAZING as the back drop for the 2009 playoffs campaign:

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Alife x Dee & Ricky.

Go cop the Limited Alife x Dee&Ricky Tees ASAP. Going for $40 & Going fast =]
Alife:158 Rivington St, NYC (Lower East Side)

Mood Music: Lykke Li Ft Drake-Alittle Bit Remix.



A luxurious brand by the name of Balmain. Started in the early 1900's by a great designer, Pierre Balmain. He got a degree in architecture. His background in this feild inspired his designs. After his unfortunate death, in 1992 Oscar De La Renta took over the company as creative director. Presently, Designer Christophe Decarnin has been the Man behind the magic.

Balmain left for a while, but is back & better than ever. With its skinny sleeves, Broad but flattering shoulders, Detailed sequins & beading. From the most luxurious jackets to the best washed of jeans. Balmain has gotten its "Buzz" for '09 =]. I personally love the new designs. but dont have $1000 to spend on a white tee or $12,000 to spend on a blazer =/ LOL. They have to be one of the most expensive designers out today. along with Michael Bastian LOL. There is nothing less then $1,000. SMH. But Beautiful =]

Chanel Iman & Tyga <3

So; Chanel Iman & Tyga have put their relationship in the public eye in the May '09 Issue of VOGUE. I'm not sure what or how I feel about this. I think Tyga is a cutie..but for Chanel...ehh IDK. I think her & Ryan Leslie were a better couple. & besides..their prob the same exact height without the stilletoes. LOL. What's your thoughts?? =]

Picture Time.! Soho w| Loved Ones. =]

We made a couple stops & Love to stop for pics =] LOLL

Stop 1: Downtown Soho =] Spot 2: Uptown Soho =]Spot 3: Niketown =] BFF Julian <3 align="center">

But; Peep the $2,000 Balmain Jeans.! =OMr. Marc Jacobs Intern-Donovan <3

Thursday, April 16, 2009




Kanye West For '09 Louis Vuitton

I would love one night on that bed..Too Dope.!!! =]

Party.! =]

325 Kosciousko BTWN Marcuz Garvey & Throop [J Train]
Via:Tony Polo

Me & My Best Friend.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update On Sammy =]

So; I havent really posted anything personal in a bit. On what I've been up to & what not. Well, for one, my internship at VIBE is slowly coming to an end. =/ =] LOL. Bittersweet. I'm planning to intern for a designer for this summer. I'm really pushing to work for Marc Jacobs (One of my faves). Im a go-getter, so you already know LOL. I've met this really cool kid named Donovan that is actually a intern designer for Marc by Marc. We instantly connected and he took me to the showroom to meet a few people. It was such a great experience & I hopeee I get it =X. Other than that, School has been good. Good grades and all. I have a huge Textiles test tuesday.! =O wish me luck. =] ehhh' Im still on the look for a job.! UGH. Thats been a stress for me lately. Its hard out here yo.! _*Sigh. Guys. . .Well I dont even know anymore LOL. I wear my heart on my sleeve like its the new fashion (LMAO) & it seems thats going out of style LOL. SMH. I've only really had my eye on one; like you know when theres alot of guys but you still..for someee reason remain to think of one..yea its one of those crazy unexplainable things LOL..but IDK. Hasnt been going anywhere; Maybe its not meant to be. so keep it moving right ?...ehh' on a lighter note; Me & the bestie Daphne have been having a ball this spring break. Meeting lots of new people. My new great friend Michelle. I absolutley luv her.! odee cool.Lots of memories in soho this break. LMAO. Ugh, i need to move to the city asap. Long Island is not for me. =/ All in All my life has been pretty good. And throughout it all i still remain to be humble, driven & cool as a mofo.!! =)

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Cassie Did it. . .

Is this gunna be the new do now ?! I've already seen two people with this in Soho. SMH LOLLL. . . Whats your thoughts ?!
Via: CassieVentura Twitter

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Fly Ass BFF.! =)

[Photographed by yours truely; yep Im covering everything.!! LOL]
Vest: DSquared; Sneakers: Chanel; Coin Purse: Louis Vuitton; Aviators:Dior; Belt:Gucci
UGH; He disgustes me. This is us bored at VIBE. LOL. Anyone want to intern for an intern ?! =)
(Were so serious Lmao)
Julian Is a stylist, fashionista, student at FIT, and more than anything; a greatt friend. I Love Him.
Any guys interested ?! =) (Were both on the look LOL)

MAY '09

Check out May's issue.! It features a in depth storie of Chris-Rihanna Story. Cam'Ron's 'Comeback'. & a beautiful fashion spread to get ready for summer 09! I was priveleged to take part of this great shoot with my fellow intern co-worker Crystal. We had so much fun .! Congrats to my fave model of the shoot. Terrell.! =-*

On Set. Feb '09. <3

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 LMAO!

So theres this site that is hilarious. Its called F My Life. Its little stories that real people go through thats some effed up shxt. LOL. Here are a few:

Today I checked my facebook, and my wife of 5 years was listed as single. I then write on her wall that it is ok to announce to be married. She writes back saying that we have to talk and to come to the kitchen. My wife divorced me over facebook.FML 

Today, I heard my sister masturbating in her room. I took the dog around the block to get out of the house, and I came back to see her leaving her room... my electric toothbrush in her hand. FML

Today, my boyfriend told me he couldn't hang out with me because he felt really sick. I went to his house anway to surprise him with homemade soup. I walk in to his room only to find him hooking up with my sister. She can't drive, our mom drove her there. FML


Monday, April 6, 2009

K West Appreciation Shout Out To Yeezy Supporters

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Via: Kanyeuniversecity

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Love. . .

  • Shoes!!!
  • Guys w Cargo Shorts. .too cute
  • Dinners in the city
  • Ipod Jammingg.
  • Summer Nights
  • People That Motivate Me
  • Haters (x & o's)
  • Kanye West & Jay-Z
  • Photoshoots & Styling
  • I Have a thing for cute guys with nicee hair. =)
  • The City & The Hills (MTV)
  • Networking/Meeting new people
  • Funnyy People & Laughing Hehe
  • Guys that play the guitar or can sing (Thats Hot) LOL
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Besties. (Daphne, Jessica & Alex) <3
  • Guy Besties (Eric & Julian)
  • Rell & Cleon --> bananasTM =)

& Much Much More =)

I Hate. . .

  • Fat People in Skinny Jeans (No offense. .just saying.)
  • Thirsty Guys
  • Girls w HighWaters. Ew!
  • Pelicans.=Loud, obnoxious females feening for attention. (We HATE Those LOL)
  • Girls messaging you on myspace w Drama. LOL
  • People w what i call "Myspace Swaggs" TUH!!
  • Girls w Bad Weaves.!! (Take Care Of That Ladies.!)
  • People with no goals in life. (They do nothing for me)
  • Girls that say "Ew She Think She Cute" AKA Haters. LOL
  • Hot Guys that date girls with NO SWAGG.!! (Its The New Thing I See Lmao)
  • Girls that think H&M Is Couture.!!!
  • People wearing fake shxt, that rock it like it's real gucci. SMFH.
  • Girls wearing bookbags still. LMAO
  • Everyone majoring in fashion at Nassau College, just cause. SMH. .
  • Girls that swear there fashionistas just cause there wearing H&M.

I'm Just Saying. . .

xo. Sammyy*

Jeezy Gives Fan Air Yeezy's; Damn.! Young Jeezy Gives away Air Yeezy's from Patrick Fagan(ATL_Dunk-Junkie) on Vimeo.

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Stick To Your Glasses by Azumi David

Via: KanyeUniversecity

Saturday, April 4, 2009


The Homie Great $cott & Rome are giving the fashion world a tasty treet for summer '09 accessories. Introducing the yummy gummy rings & chains. There not officially out yet and dont have a set price, but I will keep you posted. =)

Via: Great $cott

Friday, April 3, 2009


Topshop -478 Broadway,NYC Soho

4 levels, 25,000 sq. ft. Top Shop has opened, for the first timee, in the US. It is a London store that can be compared to H&M and American Apparell, due to price range and style. It will include lines such as the "Kate Moss Topshop Collection", Topshop, Topman, & Capsule collections such as; Richard Nicoll, Preen, etc.4 floors that inlcude a style advisor which helps you choose outfits for occasions as well as the hottest trends. Enjoy complimentary pampering makeup. & the 3rd floor is a shoe lounge! cant get any better. I cant wait to make my stop there next friday. (My next day freeee LOL) Go check it out!! Located in Soho, NY Broadway off Broome st.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Message From bananasTM To You


Apocalypx Cow

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BANANAS Is Taking Overr!
Check Out The:

A La Mode's April Lady Of The Month (Thnks Guys!)

So I've been featured on A La Mode Blog as April's Lady of the month. These guys are definetly on their grind.! Be sure to check em out. =)

A La Mode Report Blog
Sammy's Feature.!
A blog that Bleeds New York. We take you into the lives of three NYC Born & Raised young ladies. From personal experiences, to what's the buzz. We give you OUR opinions on fashion, music, relationships or anything else going on in the world. We aren't here to please anyone. Either Love us or leave us alone.Welcome to Lipstick&Labels .xo

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