Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To The Only Boy I Can Say I Truely Loved..

Dear Anonymous,

You were their for me through the good times, the bad times, fun times, boring times (lol), seen me at my highest & knew how to make me better at my lowest. You know me better than anyone else. Sometimes i find myself learning about me through you..You never ONCE judged me or gave up on me. I know at times i could be alot to times I can be a pain in the ASS.. but unlike other guys, you stuck through it. You've handled me at my worsttttttt & definetley deserved to see me at my best. 5 years of my life that we spent getting to know eachothers ins & outs.. I know what makes you happy, what makes you mad, what makes you laugh & vice verse.. I wanted to take some time out to sincerely apologize for hurting you in any way over the period of time we've known eachother. I'm not perfect..I make mistakes.. you make mistakes but at the end of the day we always seem to be there for one one another. thats the beauty of our friendship & what makes it so rare.

We've had our share of fall outs through out the yearss. You've had your share of Girlfriends & i've had my share of boyfriends.. Yet somehow we always end up with eachother. . We've fought to the point where i would cry & we'd say every curse word in the book, saying the most hurtful things. . But that's how strong what we have is & that's why our fights were so REAL & HURTFUL.. I've went from hatinggg you to missing you in less than a day.. From saying i didnt need you, but wanting you in the same day .. All the guys that came & went combinedd can't match up to what we have; Through all this and more..your still here & im still here. No matter what status our relationship/friendship is on.. I know you will always be there for me & Vice Verse. I Love You ..

This whole post I was listening to Ashanti-Struggle. That song describes us SOO well It's as if, she wrote it just for us, LOL ..
Forever & Always, Sammyy*


  1. awwwwww damn sammyy! thats the realest ive ever heard you. you be tryin to act mad hard lmao who you kiddin ! awwwwww !!!! ...

  2. da cutestt story eva..damnn..


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