Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boy you know I- I- I :-x LOL

Alright so were all grown here right????..well i hope so. LOL ;-)

We alll have our fantasies. Girls really go in to depth with it wayyyy more than guys; down to the very last move. Well most guys just think about the places they haven't been to yet like the showers, kitchen, pretty much anywhere besides the bed. While women think about the time of day, type of whether,positions that causes them to stretch. LOL, their outfits, how their going to approach their significant other, etc.. As for me, i think rainy days are sexy. You both are stuck in the house with no electricity and the candles are lit. damnnnn. To much???? lol. but besides mine i know there has to be way more that ppl are into....

-Dressing up playing Cops and Robbers...(Typical movie role.LOL)

-Dominatrix someone plays the dominating role while the other is helpless (thats some freaky shxt!!)
-Sex with a stranger. (pretty much a one night stand)

-Threesome or more (uhhhh??? not into that)

-Videotaping, taking pictures...

-Anything you desire. (Rainy days,Outside,Beach,Kitchen Counter, etc...)

I can go on forever.... What are some crazy things you would like to do??? or maybe even done already..... ;-)

sealed with a kiss, Jadore Daphh :-*

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