Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kanye West On VH1 StoryTellers- Premieres Feb.28 at 9pm


Drake-So Far Gone

One Of My New Fave Artists. You may know him from Degrassi, as the kid in the wheelchair. lol Welp He's came a longgg wayy.! I love his mixtape.! check it outt (just pause the music at the bottom lol)

Drake - So Far Gone

Kanye West's New Piece??

Model Amber Rose

Sorry but i personally loved Ye and Alexis wayyy better ugh =/

Oh well; As long as he's happy =]

Style Inspirations =]

Free Pancake Day.!

Ok so February 24th was Ihop's Annual Free Pancake Day. Me & my best freind Max have been looking forward to this day since Feb started.!! lol Were there once nearly everyyy week lol. & we'd always order our usual. I'd get the chocolate chip pancakes =] & He'd get the butter pecan pancakes lol. Anyway finally the day came & after school Max, Daphne,Damien & Myself all went on our journeyy to Ihop after school.

We first went straight to the ihop on Hempstead Tpke. It was soo packed.! The wait was like one hour. ugh. we did not want to wait that long. o.dee packed lol. So we put our name on the list & decided to check other ihops. lol ROADTRIPP lmao. anyway i called up the one by sunrise & they said the wait was even longer. Great.! =/ So then we called the ihop on Hillside. (lmao;yea we went innn) They say 15-20 mins. BONG! we in there lol. So we drive alll the way from hempstead to hillside,queens. We finally get there. When Daphne goes to put our names down. This guy has the nerve to say the forbidden words. No more free pancakes. what?! lmaooo apparently the cops came to stop it due to the turn out of people & such lmao. omg we were sooo upset. i mean sure its just three little pancakes, but it was just the fact that we were determined & were looking forward to this day all month lol. & they were FREE lmao.

Welp, with every bad thing comes a good thing. It made a great story =]

Monday, February 23, 2009

Diary Of A VIBE Intern: Week 6

Ahh man; This past week has been a crazy one. It was soo crazzy busy due to the fact that the 3 fashion editors were preparing for the big carnival shoot in Trinidad. :] We had lotss & lotssss of samples coming in. Omg, you should have seen these louis Vuitton shoes that came.ugh. I fell in love.! (Below) Anyway, we had to keep everything organized & checked in etc. Finally Friday came & all the interns came to help pack for there trip. (They left saturday) We had so much organizing & checking in to do it wasnt even funnyyy.! little by little thee intern left. (due to school,work,personal matters,etc) It was down to me & crystal. We got to due to the fun part though. Which was help choose the looks they would use. (this is were i show off my styling capabilities) haha. I took full advantage and pulled together some great looks! Memsor (The fashion director) seemed please with my system of packing & putting together the looks, with the help of crystal. :]

We did not leave that office till about 11:30. Yes, 9 in the morning to 11:30 at night. & you people say interning or fashion is'nt a job. lol i probably do more work than you do in a week, in on day. lol. so much manual labor.! haha. Anyway i was sooooo freaken tired & over everythingg & everyyone. Finally Janelle (Associate market editor) felt bad & was pleased w us, she just called us a car service. So we ended up getting a ride alll the way home. from wall st to long island. i was soooooo happpy omg. lol I was dreading that train ride home. When me & crystal finally left, we got in our car. our driver was this nice nigerian man. We start talking & such and me & crys start talking about how hungry we are & jokingly ask & bother him to take us to a drive-thru. lmao. finally after all our...well MY.. wining lol he finally actuallyy exited to go through Mcdonalds drive thru. lmao. It was reallyy nice of him (but funny at the same time that he really did it) lol lol. So that about somes it up. Crazy week preparing for photoshoot in Trinidad.

Now that they're gone, us interns need to check outt all the sampless & have everything back to order by the time they get back..which is in like three days. yikes.! lol this shall be interesting

Louis Vuitton '09

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Night Pic

Sammyy* .Carter. Daphne

Random Things I Miss From The Past:

  1. I miss Senior Year
  2. I miss Senior Year w Jessica lmaoo (Great Times)
  3. The Bestie Naashon (Hes the Worstie Now lol smh)
  4. My 'S' Chain (cough::Mr.Taylor::cough) lol
  5. Mase & Diddy (eh eh eh eh; Harlem World lmao)
  6. Being the youngest (now Im the middle child lmao smh)
  7. Being Called Angelface. . (No Comment here lol)
  8. Getting Money weekly from my daddy =/ uggh.
  9. Sleeping over Aliyahs house all summer lol (Goood Times)
  10. Living In Queens.

Just Some Random Thoughtss :]

Kid Cudi- Day & Nite (Official Video)

kid cudi - day 'n' nite
by 75_prod

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kanye West On Details March '09

His Eyes Are So Beautiful In this pic.! lol Finally a good magazine cover. courtesy of DETAILS.

Welcome To Heartbreak-Kanye West (Official Video)

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

This was only dropped because Ye found out someone else is trying to use the same concept.

But the next single is going to be Amazing Ft Jeezy. not Welcome To Heartbreak.

But this video is DOPEEE.!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

BANANAS™ New CrewNecks.!

Told You Guys Dont Sleep On Em'. Rells Space:Click Here To Ask How To Get Yours.!

Photo Taken At Dee & Ricky's RockBand Party. (So Mad I Didnt Make It)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What A Rip Off.

I had yet another bad Valentine. smh. & the sad part is that, i had a valentine lmao. omg. smfh. & to top it off; i found out my best friend Eric went down south for the week! lmao. wth?! what a day smh =/ I just ended up going to the mall with my bestie Jessica to buy her valentine a gift. smh way to make me feel better lmao. there were mad dudes buying there valentines gifts smh. however towards the end it got alittle better i guess; by someone that showed some kind of concern; we just went out to dinner. nothing special. it was real nice and appreciative..even though it wasnt with who i wanted it to be wit. it was still a good time (=
What is Valentines day anyway? its just a holiday made up by hallmark. Just a day to remind single people how lonely they really are lol & couples how much of a gold digger partner they have lol. maybe if i had a guy that spoiled me and went out of there way for me on vday; i would like it more. But i never had the chance to experience that. sad, i know, i know. Im sure you ask why, like evry other guy. I wish i knew. lmao. like seriously, i deserve to have a guy go out there way for me because i deserve it, & not alot of girls can say that and actually back it up. smh guys are dumb. & dont get it twisted; im not bitter, what so ever. im just wise and learnt alot from my past. thats all. welp;

Diary Of A VIBE Intern: Week 5

Me & the other intern; Crystal. Shes one of a kind lol.
Janelle Grimmond: Associate Market Editor For Vibe. My supervisor. Love her!Terell: words. Mad coool ass kid from staten island. Ivan:This dude believe it or not; is puerto rican, and african lol. dead ass. & he could dancee lmao Nadia: Shes cool cause she's Guyanese ((= lol
I know I havent Written One of these in a while; I have been so tired lol. But ok, so this is the end of week 5 interning at vibe. It was a pretty hectic week. Fashion Week started yesterday so i have been in charge of all there invites, rsvping and such. ugh. what a annoying task! I worked on that for the past two weeks. Just rsvp-ing and fixing their schedules and such. Also we have been working on preparing for two photoshoots. we have been informed that instead of 12 magazines a year. we will now produce 10. June-July will be one big one & December-January will be another big issue. So were working on May & June-July Issue right now. I cant say the themes But its summery of course (=.

The photoshoot for may's was yesterday held at studio 59 at Chelsea Piers. It was the besttttt photoshoot i have ever been on. Howeverit was bittersweet lol. There were times I was like i just want to go homee. But I loved being there. First off, i ha to meet them at the office at 7:30 AM. omg. i had to wak up at 5 am and get on the train by 6. ugh. Second;It was crazzyy hectic. Me as well as the other intern crystal, were in charge of helping the model get dressed (=, Taking down credits for each look, organizning eveyrthing, etc. Everytime the models would come back from set, we basically had to take there clothes and right down the designer used etc. (the words you usually see at the bottom of mag pics). Also, I love dressing. It gives me a chance to sstyle & you know i love styling (=. Thats my goal. Anyway. What i can say was that it was a swimwear shoot. haha. Sooooo much fun.! And there all mad cool; & humble. besides the fact that they are really cute; there also great for networking in the industry, so i always get there facebook or email or something, to work with them in the future.

In this industry, to make it you have to take advantage of every situation possable. (= All in All, it was a longgg day, I worked my ass off from 7-11 at night. butit was a rewarding one. The pictures came out amazinggggg.! i met alot of great people, and got to be apart of something that great makes me feel good. We left about 7:00 and went back to bring evrythingggg back to the office. Had to pack them away, and then I had to re-do some thing another intern didnt do0. He was suppose to update the fashion week schedule and of course didnt. so we all had to sit there for another hourr or twoooo updating and re organizing invites they'd need for this weekend. smfh. We all didnt leave till about 9:30. Me, Crystal, Janelle (the associate market editor) & Celia (the market editor) had such a great day working together. i love themmm. you can def talk to them about anythingg, & they have great advice. times were i got frustrated they always motivate me. There great people. & i love working with them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kanye On Big Boy Radio Show This Morning

Kanye visits Big Boy's Neighborhood (Talks about Chris Brown,Rihanna,and Gay rumors) from qdeezy on Vimeo.

Thanks Again Mr. Taylor ((=
Courtisy lol lol

Amezing x Casio G-Shock

Ok, My last Vday gift idea ((= haha.

In a first-time partnership with Casio G-Shock, Hong Kong’s AMEZING play to the tune of the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivities with a bold pink G-Shock. Arguably the runner-up in the popularity contest to the OG DW-5600, the chunky DW-6900 is seen in bright pink which also corresponds with AMEZING’s own penchant for funky colors. Other details can be seen on the watch strap and backlight. The watch is limited to 50 pieces and available at LUX in Hong Kong with a suggested retail price of $1280 HKD (approximately $165 USD
Source: HypeBeast.Com

Why Didnt I Think Of This?! Garden Garage

A west London resident, combining the garden and parking space together, has developed a unique design to deal with the loss of front garden areas to car parking space in urban environments. The minimalist contemporary garden not just provides ample space to park your vehicle underneath it, but also helps in maintaining the exterior aesthetics of your dwelling.
Source: Kanye Blog

Swagga Like Us Grammy Performance

So I'm Still hearing i look like M.I.A Lmao. SMH. Why is she even performing and bout to give birth smfh. That kid was bout to be named Grammy. (normans dumb ass lmao)

Anyway; My faves.! they look soooo flyyy.! omg. they killed it. Especially, Kanye & Jay of course. ((=

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best Friend Shout Out: Daphne Ligonde

I freaken love this Yellow Hatian (= haha. This is my best friend Daphneeee.! We have definelty been through alot of ups & downs. ALOTTT. We've hated eachother, loved eachother, couldnt stand eachother, missed eachother, annoyed of eachother, and then call eachother. lol I know; we sound like a 50 year old married couple. lmao. I guess you cann say it just made us stronger as ever. We know what we like and dislike about eachother, even though it got real; it made our friendship real. Regardless; she has been there for me through everythingggg; literally. With friends, family, boys, my dreams, everything. even though sometimes it didnt seem like she understood, she was still there for me. & thats what meant the most. friends that were there for me regardless.! & i must say; she was. I've known her since HS and now attend college together. Me & this girl have memories and insiders for dayyssssssss x27409148 lol lol
college has been some of my best years.I guess you can say daph has watched me grow up and mature into the young succesful lady i am today. We have alittle too much fun at school lmao; (we find ways to entertain ourselves in anything we do lmao) we've met so many new people, and guys lol lol. We have soo much fun at school and still remain to help eachother maintain those A's and stay focused. She keeps me on the right path. I love this girl od much.! Dont know what i'd do without her. She's That friend I can call at 4 in the morning crying. lol lol (thats a whole nother post lmao). Anyway the point is; I freaken love daphne ligonde.

Daphne's Myspace.!

Can't Sleep...UGH

Ok so, its like 3 in the morning and i have to wake up in 4 hours yet i cant sleep..=/. I been bothered i guess. I've just been so tired of playing the rebound girl role. Im tired of being the girl to get his mind off "her". I just want to know what it feels like to be the one & only and main girl in someones life. It seems i've been having a consistency in finding guys that still are emotionally attached or involved w their ex. like seriously...=(. I dont think i desrve this lol. When I like a guy...alot..i put my all in. I put so much time & effort into it and then in the end get nothing in return but a broken heart and the feeling of stupidity. Its such a waste of time and of effort. two things which I have none to spare, but i make time & put effort just because. IDK. For instance; Like i like this one kid right now. Hes pretty dopee and has close to everything im looking for finally. But of course it cant go well for too long. lmao its pretty much the same situation. I mean theirs more to it but i dont feel that its nessecary to put all the business out their. But basically thats the situation. & i just been down this road so many times i really want to do it again??!!....

I mean like really..its like driving down a road & you encounter a dead end and had a horrable exerience when you got there; then a few weeks later you find yourself on the same road, yet theres still time to turn down the other way; why the heck would you go down the same deathly road?!...because im a stupid girl with hope that just wants to be appreciated...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

50 Cent Starring in Pimpinn Curly

Ok so, Me & one of my close friends Demetrius (in an earlier post) have been in a Kanye VS 50 Battle for as long as I've known him lmao lmao. Literally. Kanye IS CLEARLY BETTER than Curtis lol lol. (nahh but this is one funnyyy ass video. Thanks Dee.! Love yu.! even though we both know Ye is nicer.)

Dee & Ricky RockBand Party. Get Your Hearts ASAP.!

Just Some Thoughts;

Ugh; So lately i've been getting frustrated with my job at ALDO. I'm not the one to complain but i just cant lol.First off, i never really liked it. The reason being was due to the fact that the stock room was located down stairs.! That means the job consist of running up & down stairs aboutt 60 times a day. the worst is when the customer sends you about 5 times for diff sizes or styles & then after all that work, they dont buy shxt smfh. I also hate when people ask; "do you work here?" when I'm clearly weraing my walkie & aldo pin. I want to reply, no i just wear a huge walkie talkie for a fashion statment smh. I get that about 50 times a day lol. Then another thing is the manager; She's cool, but at times Not so approachable. It seems she got upset when school started back because that would leave me to only be able to work weekends (due to interning & school). Since I can only work weekends now, i would think she would give me hoursss.! but i havent been on the schedule ever since that little incident when school started. UGH.!* Well yesterday me & the bestie Daphnee went to go pick up my check from the last few weeks I worked. It was nice; wayyyyy nicer then i excpected actually lol. So that turned my frown upside down for the time being lol. Right in time for VDAY smh. Had to buy my Valentine a gift. & i like to p0ut thought into my gifts (= any of my close friends should know this lol lol.

Anyway;I am now looking for a new job. Preferably not in retail (unless its a reallly poppin store lol) I'm looking into a receptionist job. They get paiiddd $$$ (= lol. & i have great oral and writing skills so why not. If anyone knows of anyy job openings; let me know.! It would be greatly appreciated (= lol.

My Inspiration Walls ((=

My Bedroom is my fave place because you can walk in and instantly get a clear idea of what im about. Its purple & red Inspired by the 2007 Gucci Collection. I have inspiration walls which keep me motivated every morning when i wake up; & before i go to sleep. Tell me its not dope.! haha

I love interior designing as well (= lol. i believe that if you design your bedroom good enough; it should give you that push you need to go out in the world every morning. & it should remind you what your striving for. Even though right now i cant afford all the Louis, Chanel, Victor & Rolf, Just being surrounded by it can push me to one day be able to have my closet filled with the designers i look up to, even maybe one day meet them (well of course the ones still living), ORRR maybe evenn one day working for one of them (=

My Fave Superbowl Commercials; LMAO

Just Pause the music at the bottom (=

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Need These In My Life ASAP.!! (=

I'm not much of a sneaker girl.(more of a shoe whore lol) I rarely get excited when i see kicks. But when I do...oh boy...


Source: DeeRay's Way Blog

A Fun Day In The City <3

Eff Kevin Garnett; Kobe is still MVP in my eyes (= HAHA LMAO; Classic.
I'll always be a toys R us kidd (=

You know i was hyped when I seen Kanye's Billboard.! haha (thanks ALEX.!)
ELMO.!! I loved them (= (cookie monster was being a flirt smh lol)
My Fave Designer.!! (=The Garment District <3 I LOVE THE BIG APPLE <3

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