Monday, July 20, 2009


Everything always seems good in the beginning till they get too comfortable....

he was pretty much the typical boy....well that what i thought....we talked for days getting to know eachother for a bit. If only i saw the signs but the best-friends did. THEY HATED HIM!!!!. LOL.welllll days turn into weeks then weeks turn to months where things started getting good. We started goin out for a bit when things seemed o.k. then BOOM thats where it started. smfh x1000000.

let me put you on real quick....Sign #1. so i decided to go out to eat with the best-friends and highschool friends one night. Sounds like innocent fun right??? well "hubby" at the time didnt really want me to go. Knowing me, i went anyway like im actually goin to tell them i can't come. Every two seconds i was getting private calls. I DONT ANSWER BLOCK CALLS. -_- after awhile it gets annoying so i decide to put my phone on silent. About ONE hour goes by and i had 96 missed calls and if i remember correctly bout 15 voicemails. I was literaly around the corner from home!!!! LOL. anywho when i call him back he spazzzzsssss. likkeee WTF??? are you serious?

Sign #2. Mind you he lives type far. but a good distance. anywhooo. so the besties and I go to Roosevelt Field Mall to go shopping and chill. i thought this day would of been relaxing come to find out while im parking up the car "hubby" was in the car right behind me. I was sooooo scared for my life. like deadass..i didnt even want to get out the car. How did he know i was at that mall out of allll malls you ask????? He went to my house and spoke to my moms....MY MOMMSSSSSS. lol

Sign #3. Technologyy mannnnnn!! sooo things were bad at this point. SMH. im chillin with the best-friends again. he was pretty much pissing my off so i stop answerin his calls. hours went by and "my house" called. wellll i thought it was my house. LOL. i answer and i hear nothing. I called back my house to find out NO ONE was even home... a few minutes later he called back i didnt answer. he sent me a text saying "i just called you from your house, you picked up. and when i called you didn't". who would of thought he used the iphone app that changes your number. WOOWWWWWW

Sign #4. he tried to regulate how i dressed. it was SUMMER TIME!!! even a turtle necks wasn't good enough.

WORST OF ALLLLLL. he deadass tried to split me and my best-friends. taking up alllllllll my time. finally came to my senses when they sat me down and kept it REALLLLLLLLLLLL. thats when i pretty much was done. love those hoes =]]

Girls beware of all the signs cuz what might seem cute at first might turn into fatal attraction. LOL.....DEADASS THO!

sealed with a kiss, Jadore Daphh :-*

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