Sunday, July 19, 2009

Response To Jadore Daph's Recent Kiss Post ;^)

What Kisser Am I You Ask ?!

I would say I'm more of a passionate kisser. I've been told I am a veryy passionate person. & not just with kissing & such ;) but with everything I do. Whether it's F
ashion, Music, or a relationship. I just always show alot of passion. When I realllyy like something, I tend to put alotttt into it. No matter what it is ;)
My Kiss can be described as:
Starts off with a kiss on the cheek & you both slowly turn to look in each others eyes & slowly touch lips. Then off course the lightt toungue kissing (Im not big on that whole toungue thing LOL !) & I'm a biter. Biting your partners bottom lip is veryy sexy & shows if your into them or not. (Atleast it does with me) lol. Another sign if a girl is passionate & likes you or not, that I do, is when you find yourself holding his face as he puts his hand on my face carressing my hair with his fingers. Then you stop kissing but dont remove your lips from his & just whisper something sweet & cute like "i like youu" while lips are touching. If your trynna start something then proceed to the neck. If not. WARNING ! do nottt proceed to the neck LOL ! thats where it alll starts lol.

Steammyy Huh ?! :]

Still Awaiting my "Notebook" Kiss LOL !
Hugs&Kisses. Sammyy*

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