Monday, July 20, 2009

(Guys Can Learn Alot From This As Well !) 5 Things That Can Bag You A Boyfriend:

  1. Confidence: Guys love when your confident in yourself. Don't make it too cocky though ! That's just a turn-off. You just need to have ambition & drive & confident that your a strong woman. However, if a woman displays to much strong characteristics it can scare the guy away or leave him not to interested. Guys do like to play that "superman" role. Even if you CANN open the pickle jar yourself...let him do it once in a while to feel "manly." LMAO. Conclusion-Guys don't like insecure females. They take advantage of those & those are known as "birds" or (excuseee my language..) "Hoes". unfortunately.
Hint*: A Lady that displays a close relationship with her father is m
ore likely to get treated with more respect than one that has no father figure or isn't close with her family. If you raise with love from a father figure..your more than likely to get respect from men. DONT Crave attention by dressing and acting promiscuous.! TURN OFF!

2. Compromise: This is key ! Especially if your looking to pursue something with this guy. Displaying that you are willing to mett half way with decisions is lots of brownie points for you ! If you don't and get annoyed easily when things don't go your way, He will envision future arguments & ultimatums. It will have a future of an unhappy twosome. No one wants that. However by showing him that you can take turns picking restaurants or not getting annoyed when he can't hang out.
3. No Baggage !: No guy wants a girl with baggage. And Vice Versa ! Before you proceed with a new guy or relationship or any type of romance, make sure to leave the bags at the DOOR before entering. That means the ex's, the heartbreak, the bitterness, etc. Of course you cant ever forget about your heartbreak, but life is too short to sit and sulk over ONE guy. And to let just ONE guy ruin it for the rest of your potential love life. Theirs nothing more than a level headed, smart, strong woman. With no baggage or bitterness towards males. It's hard to find & when a guy finds that..If he's smart..he'd wife it !

4. Miss Independent: A guy loves a woman with passion. & not just a passion for him, but passion for something as in a hobby, sport, school, your job..just something. It shows you have plans & goals for you future & shows your independent side. Who doesn't love an Independent Woman ?! exactly. No one. You need to show your guy that he is NOT an essential to your life..he's NOT a necessity..however you do need to make him feel wanted. "Don't make him your everything because once he's gone, your left with nothing". I've seen it happen. When he comes into your life you need to show him you already have your set social life, your own job, a hobby & him in your life. NOT JUST HIM. This shows independence & keeps you a challenge. We all know guys LOVE challenges. Especially since the society we live in nowadays, Girls are soo eassy to attain. Once they find that onee girl that gives them something to work for..The guy tends to stick around..

5. Personality: Of course you need to have a great personality. Guys usually love girls that are cool, humble, funnyy, outgoing, social, etc. You can get brownie points if his friends like you. Once his maiinnn friends are cool with you, you should be good. I've seen it done. If your guy goes to talk to another chick they'd remind or bring YOU up. Perfect right ? exactly ! & once his friends put you in his head..your good. It happens to girls to ! When lexxie & daph put a good guy in my head..I start to look at them and sayy hmm..maybe he does have potential. Opposed to a guy my bff's would say is lame. LOL ! So just keep hiim laughing, great phone convos, outgoing, & classy. ;)

Add these 5 things up & got yourself a PERFECT GIRLFRIEND. Howeverrrr ! Even though this sounds perfecttt & I know a FEW females that display all of these traits..guys still are so blind & oblivious they let them go or break their hearts & they turn into a reck. SMH ! How do I know alll this & yet im still single ? lmao. oh wells. Im still bad on my ownn :D


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