Sunday, July 19, 2009

Support Us ! xoxo.

If your a reader of this blog, even a few times here & there. Help us out on increasing our followers ! Even if you dont have a blog, all you do is click the "Join This Site" button to the rightt of the screen
& type your email & a pic (if you'd like) & thats it !
Its that easy to become a supporter. We put in alot of time & effort (that we enjoy of course) into giving you something entertaining & advise to your life through our personal problems. All we ask from you lovellyy readers can do is follow right ? LOL ! The more followers, The more love we feel & the moreee we put into the blog !

Also ! Dont be afraid to commentt ! I know nowadays people dont really comment blogs. They just read & leave. However, we, at B&C feel that your comments, & opinions would be nessecary feedback that we'd need to keep it going. xoxo

And last but not least ! We have been getting some great emails lately about Relationship questions & about fashion ! & will deff work on getting more answer videos out asap !! Keep em comingg!

We have reached nearly 2,000 views in a week thnks to you guys ! We love our readers. Besides this blog is more for your viewing pleasure & we hope it helps in some way shape or form. xoxo.
Any questions or comments, or looking to get featured ? email me !

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