Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Allow me to introduce myself <3.

okayyy so im kinda new to this whole blog thing. but here it goes ...
well to start my official first post off my names Alexandra, but alex/Lexie's finee. Im from L.I. and currently a sophomore in college. Im currently a nurse yup ! a nurse at the tender age of 20, thats some real ishh huh ?!. Attempting to accomplish alot of things in life, tho i may not speak on it trust me, the ambition &. drive are there. Alot of ppl may take me for being shy or rude what ever the case may be. But i just see it as being cautious of others before i let my guard down. You guys will soon find out that im a complete commitment phob to the maxx. LOL. boy crazyy but to certain extent. but what girl isnt rite?!. I love to laugh & just have fun. lifes wayy to short for the bullshxt & the hatingg. soo juss relax haters (but not 2 much i kinda need ya' cuz as crazy as it may seem i need you guys LOL).to sum this post up & pretty much my intro. iM juss me &. theres nothing i can do bout it ?! either love me or leave me alone

Last note for this post. i love my best-friends sammyy & daphnee. so sit back and join us for this ridee

p.s. def did this post while bumping to sum yeezy but thats a wholee other post ! LOL.

signing out xo lexxie <3.

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