Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The New blog title will now & forever be boyzandclothes.blogspot.com. so spread the word ! :)

On another note; i would like for my lovely readers to send me questions about the fashion industry (internships, designers, stylists, advice, etc) or on relationships. I am great at both ! & my two BFF's Lexxie & Daph are great at relationship advice. We want this blog to be a blog you can come to and can relate to alot of the posts.

so dont be shy ! & if you would like to have your name anonymous, just state so in the email along with where your from.. & I promise I will do so. Sammy.P23@Gmail.com.

Feel free to send in topic ideas or any questions that you may have. This is open to guys & girls. xoxo. I look forward to hearing from you guyss !

We will be answering the questions in posts or even in video's ! :)
Hugs & Kisses. Sammy*

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