Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today was my older brother roosevelts wedding day !. it was the most beautiful yet simple wedding that ive bin 2 [even tho this was my 1st wedding] but whut better way to start off, then to begin w|. my brothers.
Tho 2day was a hectic dayy, meaning me waking up at 6 am to go 2 bayshore to get my make-up done & stuff. It was all worth it.To see not only my brother getting married to be a part of my sis-in law jessicas wedding 2 . Now Ive seen some pretty brides BUT jessica was down rite gorgeous even tho, she lost her veil & we had 2 improvise it all worked out in the end. Cuz she looked absolutely flawless. Now ofcourse i cudnt make a trip 2 the wedding w|.o the family friend who attends ALLLLL ! family functions. daphne . yup rite by my side. from 6 am down to the last min.
it was a gr8 ceremony. reception was beautiful & s
ooo were the ppl iM gladd to have a new addition to my family..
Nothing extreme or horrible happened juss beautiful wheather, beautiful ceremony w. beautiful ppl

Cant wait for my wedding !!!!!!!!!! aaahhhhh man its gunna bee astonishing. !
Me & my escort .
My brother & the bride <3>
cute huh ? ! :)

Me & daphh !

[omg soul train line was ohhhhdeee liveee] LOL.
=> peep my daddy dancing round the 20 sec mark he got that diddy bop ! lmaoo.

oh & i tried calamari !!! & it tastessss soooo good. lol. . who wudve thought
[tastes juss like shrimp dead ass]
enjoy guyz cuz i did loved it. doing this post in red cuzz loves in the air <3

signing out xo. lexxie <3.>

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