Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SCENARIO#2. curious to go through his/her phone?

Okay; so everybody is a bit curious right? I know each and every one of us be wondering what the hell goes on in your boyfriend/girlfriends phone. But, with the whole trust thing you know that its better for you that you don't even bother going through their phone......
SCENARIO: So one night while you guys are jones'N at 3am your boyfriend/girlfriend gets a random text or call. You here it but you don't say anything about it because your waiting for him/her to tell you hold on to go check it bout he/she doesn't. So you think to your self; if it was just his friend why didn't he just pick up. Anywho, the night goes on and you plan to chill at either ones crib for the next day.

The next day comes and as you both are chillin he or she leaves the room to do something. The phone is sitting right in front of your face at arms reach. NOW!. You know you want to go through his/her phone to see who it was but you dont want to take any chances of messing things up between you both... if you were to get caught. You see that he/she takes forever and you grab the phone anyways; talking to them in the next room so you can hear when they are coming back. You see that a random girl/boy texted him/her but you didnt have time to read it because he/she was already on there way back.

Then you think to yourself, WTF can that be?. You didn't get to read what it said so you think WhyTH did a random ass person text them in the we hrs of the morning. (SMH)

WHAT DO YOU DO??? confront them about it? or leave it alone like you didnt see a thing because you are scared of the consequences?

For me, i think trust is a huge part in a relationship . I believe that he would never do anything like that to me so there would be no reason for me to even go through his phone regardless of who texted him. <3>

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