Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Weekends Are So Fetch ! ;]

So my weekend was pretty layy back. I got to hang with my close friend from when i internede at VIBE mag. I missed her much ! we had so muchh funnn times their. lol ! It was fun. Def turned around my day since Lexxie & Daph were at a wedding lol. Today (Sunday) was pretty fun as well ! except that my Best Friend Jason, was in the hospital ! I knew this kid for like EVER. like 8 yrs or something like that. Yea WE GO BACKK like recliner charis lol. I was so effin worried :( It happened Due to unnesecary violence ! Its summertime people. lets not fxk it up with stupid violence. Life's too short for that. I tried so hard to go see this kid, but of course when you reallyyy need nxggas thats when peoople wanna be busy ! grrr. But thankfully he's home now getting some rest. xoxo. I also got to chill with my other guy bff, max. you guys would loveee himmm ! typical lightskin, SB Nike lovin, Red hat wearing funnnnyyyy assss kid ! lmao.

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Oh & to make it a bit more interesting ! lol.. i got to hang with a crush of mine. Well not really a crush cause I Dont crushh. ok ok, maybe I'm justt frontin. LOL. & don't worry guys.. If your that confident theirs still a chance. LOL. It's just a minorrr crush (but he claims he's gunna change that minor part. pshht) lol ! Nahh but I been looking for someone around the way thats just maddd chill & just someone to vibe with. & to make it even better all his friends are like my closee nxggas. I love all of em. so it seems so right. Plus on the way home Max said he really wants us to work lmao. whatta dweeb. Me & Danny just took a stroll & talked & laughed & such. Cute huh ? From the looks of it seems like what I want. Just someone to vibe with for now. Will it just be a summer fling or something much more ? hmmmm..stay tuned ! LOLLLL We'll see where this one goes. you know me & my luck with guys right ? LOL !

Hugs&Kisses. Sammyy*

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