Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fabolous-Loso's Way IN STORES NOW !!!!!

" "Loso's Way" is Fabolous's answer to Jay-Z's "American Gangster," and its songs are meant to loosely parallel both the plot of "Carlito's Way" and Fabolous's own life in a way that can't help but seem self-aggrandizing. Both Carlito and Fabolous went to jail, both had babies on the way and both were shot, except Carlito was murdered in a hail of gunfire and Fabolous once got shot in the thigh, which hardly even counts, and besides, when was the last time you heard of a gangster named Fabolous?"

" "Loso's Way" can't help but be defined by its dizzying array of scene-stealing guest stars, many of whom threaten to bury the low-key Fabolous under their wattage: Lil Wayne shows up for the martiallike, "Juno"-referencing "Salute"; Jay-Z himself contributes to the standard banger "Money Goes, Honey Stay (When the Money Goes remix)," a track that began its life as an "American Gangster" outtake; The-Dream contributes to "Throw It in the Bag," a rollicking ode to either shopping or shoplifting; and "Makin' Love" features a showy assist by Ne-Yo, as all '09 bedroom jams apparently must."
So please, Support one of the VERY few greatt hip hop artist we have left !
& Say Boyz&Clothes sent you ! haha <3

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