Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Tho he gets under my skin at times and pisses me off. I love my little brother, our relationship [brother sister bond] is hard to find. We share with other, and have an infinite amount of laughs. We depend on each other to hold one another down, regardless. I watched him grow into a "man" technically hes only 16. I try to help and guide him the best I can. He keeps me saneee ! in this place I call a home. We can tlk about almost everything [theres some things he doesnt need to kno ;) & im sureeeeee i wudnt wanna knooooo LMAO] hes grown a semi-good looking kid LOL with a good head on his shoulders. jealous ? you shud be ! LOL. hes pretty much all the family. and things you guys wudnt understand he gets.

Cudnt ask 4
a better brother

get em him ladiesssss
[no1 ova 17 thnx you kids only 16 LOL]


aka Richardson

&.im gone xo. Lexxie.

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  1. this kid. SMH. sometimes i wanna bang his head. but all in all. hes cool. kindaaaa :)


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