Wednesday, August 5, 2009


okay so me being 20 yrs old & living w. my mom , is really starting to have a toll on me. & i dont know how much i can take of her, its become a burden, soo i kno wut ur thinking just leave. Oohh dont wrry i def. have that plan covered.
but why is it that i feel like im trapped in my own house, the only times i feel comfortable is when im out, or at some1 elses house. shudnt it be the other way around ?! My mother drives me insane with her old school ways and being over-bearing. I see other girls and theyre mom's and they seem so close, tho im pretty sure they fight, like every child and parent does it the cycle of life. [LOL]. i feel like my mom takes it to the extreme. at times.
So i juss wanna know, am i the only one who feels like i have to love my mom ?!
because shes mom. i know its kinda blunt and sorta like a wtf moment. prolly thinking wait !, she doesnt love her mom not the case i do love my mom, but it doesnt go past her juss being my mom. idk guess thats juss me.

gotta get the fxck outta here :]

&.im gone xo. Lex

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