Friday, August 28, 2009


lmao this video humours mee for the simple fact that the guys making this video are soo ignorant, skinny jeans "fag" as they put it, and the funny thing is im sureee the same guys that they call "FAG" prolly get more p***y then they ever will !! dead ass.
I feel like its a fashion statement rather than wlking around with jeans damn near around ur ankles i like a guy thats well put 2gether you kno ?! .

oh its funny cuz check around the 2:08 mark where he asks the girls is skinny jeans fag or swagg
LMAO i mean really who wud take fashion advice frmm them ov all ppl.
[every1s entitled 2 it]
& tooo me its...
wut do you guys think ?!

signing out xo.

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