Thursday, August 27, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Tom Ford

Considered a hero in fashion, Ford has revamped and revived the houses of Gucci and YSL with his strong and sexy designs. His secret for success - only sleeping two hours a night.
What a better day but today to talk about TOM FORD ! Its his BDAY ! Happy Birthdayy to a Fashionn HERO. xo.

In 1986, he joined the creative staff of the American famous designer Cathy Hardwick. Then, in 1988, a big career move came up when he made the transition to Perry Ellis where he took on the position of Design Director under Marc Jacobs. Tom didn't make a name for himself in the business until he relocated to Europe in 1990 and landed a position with Gucci. Tom's partner, journalist Richard Buckley, had become ill with cancer and, after he was given the all-clear at the start of the Nineties, the two decided to leave the stress of New York behind and head for Italy.Ford was hired by Gucci's then creative director Dawn Mello (previous head of purchase with Bergdorf-Goodman) as chief women's ready-to-wear designer. A few years passed, and in 1992, he moved up the corporate ladder of the fashion world and once again took on the role of Design Director. Business went bad for Gucci and Tom Ford was almost fired by Maurizio Gucci in 1993, but this was counteracted by Domenico de Sole, director of Gucci America Inc.

When, in 1994, Gucci was acquired by a Bahrain-based investment firm called Investcorp, Ford was promoted to creative director. This meant that he was responsible for the design and conception of all product lines within the company; clothing, perfumes, and more. He also had to create and carry through the company's image, its advertising campaigns and store design. Tom Ford went on to become arguably the most influential designer of the last decade. He now has his own High Fashion Line, Tom Ford. Very luxruiousssss witht he finest quality, finest designs, & everythingg else FINE !!

He has been known to have some of the most controversial ads in fashion. He Loves NAKEDD-Ness ! LOL ! Here are some ads from his fall 09 campaign. xo

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