Thursday, August 13, 2009


[ a continuation from the question i asked in the previous post]

: So what happens if one day your boyfriend walk into the lunch room and this new girl is crying? Of course he's not going to ignore her. That's rude. What he'll probably do is be Mr. Nice Guy and see if she's okay. Well, honeyyyy, it turns out she's having boy problems and her self-esteem is shot. , He'd be nice and inflate her ego some, and tell her that that guy was an idiot. She then tries to push up on him; he knows that he has wifey but tries to let her down nice and says "if I were single I'd probably be interested".
SMH, the worst thing a guy can do whenever he meets a new girl is to say "if i were single........". SMH x7869986.
why does it matter if you were single. She doesn't need to know that. When somebody is trying to get to know you and you know by cont the convo it might lead to something. Stating that you already have a girl is enough. I don't understand why ppl feel the need to say "if they were single" yea I'm not saying that when your cuffed you don't see any one else. that's impossible. if your attracted to someone you can't help it. but you don't need to state anything that you might be a tad bit interested if you know that its not going anywhere.
Talking to this female shouldn't even go further than the place that you are standing. Having anymore convo after that just leads for feelings or anything to happen; especially if there's already an attraction. That just leaves room for opportunities to happen b/w you guys and that's never a good look when you already have wifey. -_-
So F.Y.I for you ppl. if you expect or even want things to go smoothly b/w you and your girl/guy. Its cool to have friends but no more than small talk. Unless u guys have an open relationship.[ which i doubt. LOL]

sealed with a kiss, J'adore Daphh

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