Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ATTENTION: Up & Coming New Artist.

AS YOU ALLL SHOULD KNOW. I would NEVER promote ANYTHING.. especially on my blog.. if I didn't think it had GREAT potential for stardom ! SO ENJOY ! We Only Feature The BEST.
You may look & say oh.. another "wannabe rapper" or producer or something of that sort.. but naah. I've know Norman for YEARSSSS & He hass always had an ambition for music. & Through him I met Jovan. A kid with A WHOLEE lot of talent. He writes, produces, sings, raps, etc, etc. Did i mention he's ONLY 17 ? You can say Norms is something of a mentor to him. He's been making beats since he was 11.& he's no amateur neither. He uses the korg m3 (for you music lovers that know what that is !) LOL. It's a synthesiser/sampler for sequencing songs, instrumentals & other projects. & Some of his inspirations (That you can see in his DOPE FLOW) includes; mf doom, Kanye, Pharrell, & J. Dilla. I don't see him as another "wannabe". I see passion & ambition. Of course there is ALWAYSS room for improvment.. but that's where you guys (the fans & readers) come in. You can take him that step further just by giving feedback. :] Thnks Alwayss !! xoxoxo.
So with out further adoo.. Put your volume on max & Vibe To This..



    he's a must listen. NO GAS!

  2. (:knewyoubeforeyougotbiggg.August 18, 2009 at 10:11 PM

    it's amazing to see the way your musics progressed throught this year. & i've been a fan since the beginning. i'm proudd :D it's not often to see someone so young with so much passion into anything. but that & the fact of pure talent & willing to work for the better is why you have such potential to go far. i'm waiting for the day you do; goodluckk (:

  3. i love it! Although we don't live so close(couple states away haha) you've always sent me your beats. You've basically been sending them since i've met you and I can only tell you that they've been getting better and better =]. I'm excited yayy lol..We talk all the time and trust me i KNOW you defintely got a passion for this. You stay up LATE working on these.lol You know I'm happy for you and I only wish you the best!


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