Saturday, August 15, 2009


August 15, 2009 Jean and Shirley Ligonde celebrated their 25th Anniversary.

In 1984 Jean Ligonde and Shirley Morone married. It was two years before my older brother Zamor was born. They met at work after chilling with friends during there lunch break. I guess it was only natural that they clicked with my fathers charm and my mothers beauty. LOL. I guess you can say it was a fairy tale beginning.......... They both already had kids from a previous marriage. One who only matters tho; which was my sister Rania.
Who was to think that the created the best thing that ever happened to them...ME!!! [not joking tho] they did end with me. LOL. My parents didn't have the typical marriage cuz if that was the case they wouldn't have lasted this long. They love each other unconditionally. Tho i always hear the arguments, what couple doesn't??? They always knew it never meant that much over their relationship. I hated it when they would just stop an kiss each other. [like grosssssss get a room] but hey!! those crazy kids love each other. LOL
Today i witnessed a lot. I saw that after 25 years nothing has changed. My mother came home to a bouquet of flowers; happy as hell because she wasn't expecting them since my father had to work for the 1st time on there anniversary. I don't even know what they are doing now since i did leave the house for them.....just for sat tho!

All in All i wish my parents the best of luck with their marriage and hope find someone just to have what they have and grow old together [AWWWWWW]

sealed with a kiss, J'adore Daphh

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