Sunday, August 16, 2009


Jungle-Gym Magazineee *
What is Jungle-Gym Magazinee.?! you askk

ohh well lettme break it down 4 you guys LOL.
well its pretty much an up and cominggg magazinee that promotes talent as well as events that tend 2 go un-noticedd.
It features pretty much everything you can imagine fashion,sports,politics,art,music etc.
Jungle Gym. mag also covers exclusive interviews coveringggg theyre topics.
which is updated every monthhh.

Theyre juss getting there feet wet, so its kinda fresh and neww but none the less poppingg.
but once 4the quarter rolls around its gunna be a problemmmm !
soo bee sure 2 look out 4 it . :]
its gunna oh dee d.o.p.e thats a guarantee

you can get a little preview at

& tell em i sent yaaa.

LOL. happy Logannnn :]

Signing Out.xo *

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