Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As you may of read in my late post A MOTHERS INTUITION ISN"T ALWAY RIGHT; i spoke about how my mother views a lot of my exs and questions why i'm even attracted to them....LOL
As of today; Peyton met my mother for the first time. I KNOOOO his ass was nervous but he says he wasn't and that he's a charming guy but he knew he felt a type of way once my father came out into the room. LMAO.
I remember telling him to go sit in the living room and wait for my parents to come out. LOL. and boy did he sit there and take off his hat. [it was cute tho]. I kno hes still going to deny that he was nervous [i dont get what he's trying to prove tho.] but he did what he had to do and got by the first step.LMAO
For those who may not know. My mother is very shallow. SMH. stay denyin it but she is. She wont like him just cuz he looks arent up to par. LOL. i guess he was lucky he got by that....KINDA... lol nah hes sexy [blushing]
So as the day went on he started getting comfortable and everybody is making convo. I did see peyton and my mom talking about God knows what and laughin it up. but hey im not complaining. [mhmmm. like my mother can act like she don't like him]. LOL

It felt mad nice outside at night so i told peyton lets go Sit on my front porch. Thennnnnnn my mother decides to come outside just to ask wheres he from. [sitting here thinking wth! i was dead like in the middle of talking but wutev] Now they started bonding because once he said the bronx she got hyped n said "oohhh i work in the bronx; what part do you live in" LOL. [that lady is something else i tell ya]. Finally she decides to go in and he asked "what do you think you mother thinks about me so far?" [awwwww. lol. but i kno she likes him] Time went by and i was bout to drop off Peyton my mother say it was nice meeting you and etc [she never said that to anyone else before. if anything she stay asking when are they going to leave] (Peyton if your reading this DONT GET GASSED. LMAO. J/k)

Everything seems like it went pretty well. Now im just waiting for her to go call my sister about him. SMH. no worriesssss

sealed with a kiss, J'adore Daphh

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