Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My First "High" Experience LOL !

If you know me well enough, you would have known that I NEVER in my life smoked anything. LOL. %100 clean. LOL ! however, i NEVER once knocked weed. I mean, it's doesnt kill you, & it's not bad for you.. It's actually %100 herbs. seriously LOL. so i never knocked it. I actually have always been just a TAD bit curious as to what the hype was & just wanted to feel how it feels to be in that "high" state of mind. So ..

As you know (if you been keeping up with the blog) I was on vacay in florida.. & spent alot of quality time with my younger brother..but really cousin. He wanted to show me a good time one night.. But as always.. in florida parties get shut down too easily -_- SMH. So me being the spontaneous person I am LOL said i wanted to smoke w| him. Just for my own personal experience. his words were "say no more" & indeed we went outside & i got so high LMAO.

The feeling of being high is amazing. at first.. because it was SOOO new to me.. i was a bit freaked out. Things looked so different & weird. felt like i was in the twilight zone LOL. & I was scared of how fast my heart was beating.. but after being calmed down by my 2 cousins (& Norman LOLLL) i began to really enjoy it. My cousins said i was hilariouss. some things i did were: LMAO.. I stood up through the sunroof in the car on the way home LMAO. & then when i was about to knock out I started spitting a jay line from H to the Izzo lmaoooo. I swore i was jay-z. & I can't forget the sleep lmao. it was the best sleep of my life. you feel like your sleeping on a cloud & your in a peaceful trance. & all i saw were kaleidoscope colors all over lmaoooo. i sound crazy.. but im telling you what i saw. oh & i kept saying one love. lmaoo.

It was a very interesting, fun experience. LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE. I'd be willing to try anything.. as long as it doesn't degrade, kill, or hurt me or anyone else.. I'm down :) Life's to short. Let loose & have fun while you can.
WARNING: IM NOT ENCOURAGING THIS IN ANY WAY. The point of this story is to say you can't live life by the books. you have to live & experience new things. Be openminded & don't judge people.. xoxo.

Hugs&Kisses.Sammyy* (Missed me much ? well im bizackkkk bxtches LMAO) <3

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