Tuesday, August 11, 2009


okayy soo i woke up from my nap that i took round 10 ish LOL. and woke up to a few missed calls & text.I was gunna return these phone calls & junk til i caught the beginning of this television show Hawthorne. Starring Jada Pinkett Smith.
This show is based on a day in the life ov an adminsitrative nurseee. & as you guys may know, I'm currently studying to be a nurse & im currently a CNA [certified nursing assistant] yeaaa buddy. but anywhooo so im watching this show & it touched my hearttt so much, it shows a glimpse into whut my future. My career holds for me. tho it is a tv show it resembles closely to the ups and downs of what a hospital goes thru and how the deaths of patients effects the staff and every1 surroundingg. Its sooo inspirationallll ! It juss shows me how ready I am to step foot into the medical field & being confident in the career path that im choosing.
Im ready to help save lives the best I can, now i kno i cant save every1 but ill do my best to help save as many as a can it seems like a tuff & trying road but i kno its whut i want. & i will throw my heart & sweat & tears into the Medical Field im choosingggg. damnn ! ive juss had an epiphany. & i knoo where im heading now.


cant wait 2 start my career & 2 help ppl & make em smile.
though the medical field isnt glorified as Fashion or Music its still something thats recognized & is necessary.
see all you fashionistas, A&R record exects. Football players at the TOP ! :]
i hadd to blogggg bout thisss LOL.

nite guysss, catch ya 2mm !!!!

toodlessss ! xo. Lexxie

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