Friday, August 14, 2009

10 Questions I Ask Myself As Of August ?!

1. Why in the world do I still have no lisence ?! -__-
2. Why in the worldd am i stillllll SINGLEE ?!
3. Why the heeeezyy is every cutting of their hair ?? LOL Stop it !
4. How am I gunna get Norman to trustt me ?! :( LOL.
5. When are guys gunna start keeping it REAL ?!
6. How is Daph's 21st bday gunna go ?! (hopefullyy GREAT)
7. When am i gunna get my shxt togethr for school ?! UGHH.
8. Wth does "manage your money" mean ? My mom always says it to me :/ I NEVER got it.
9. Should I get the BLACKBERRY BOLD or the IPHONE ??!
10. Why do we have SOO many blog visitors (that WE LOVE) But such few followers ?! Please show your support & click the follow button to the right of the screen :D Its soo easy ! xoxo.


1 comment:

  1. whats up with question number 2 i think we can change that


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