Sunday, August 23, 2009


Gettin ready for my birthday was crazy. just a few days before i had nor did nothing.
i wasn't excited for some reason. Yeaa i was turning the big 2.1 but i felt as if nothing was going into place so y do anything??

just as i thought that; everything started to look better for me.
On Thursday i brought my outfit [finallyyyyyyyy]
leather vest, fitted denim dress, and cute booties.
i odee loveeeeee my booties.. [sammy brought them for me]
sighhhhh LOL.

friday comes along; usually i chill with the babes [sad face] but he had to work
so i decided to go do my hair and nails
i love the design


Till sammy decides and trick me and make me cry saying that she couldn't go the morning we were suppose to celebrate!! [what a friend]
Lexxie had told me the same thing but only this time it wasn't a joke.
i thought my birthday was over; i called the bf cryin that everythin was ruined. LMAO [its funny now looking back on it] -_- (BITCHES!!)

getting the last of everything ready we got everyone together and this is where the party began!!!!

to be continued......

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