Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Need A Vacay. :D

So, I'm currently sitting in the terminal at JFK waiting for my flight. Im on my way to Florida :D. & of courseeee i had to take amyyy (my trusty laptop lmao). you didnt think i was gunna leave her home did you ?! LOL. I've been working literally allll summer & I think its about that time for my yearly Florida visit. My mommy's whole family lives there, so i visit as much as i can. I always miss my cousins so much ! (looks at phone...) Lexxie & Daphne just textedd me saying they love me & have a safe flight & junk. sigh i LOVE THEMMMM ! LOL.. back on topic..

The main reason I'm going there is for my mommy's oldest sister.. 50th bday party ! She's having a huge hawaiian party at a hall & stuff. Should be fun !! My family is really close & knows how to have a GREAT time. they're all so funny LOL. <3>


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