Saturday, August 15, 2009


okay; so whose parents or should i say mother tries to have a say in your love life [ALL RAISES HANDS] SMH.
Don't you hate when your parents feel the need to tell you who you should date. like you think I'm actually going to listen!
I understand the whole religion thing, or you marry within your race. but DAMN!! can i live tho???
Today; my mother asked me if i had a boyfriend. Why lie??? so i told her yea [stupid decision]
she started asking the typical questions that a mother should ask [no problem]
then she started asking these ridiculous questions like it really mattered to me...
heres how it went....
MOM: what is his nationality??
ME: does it matter???
MOM: okay so what kind of hair does he have??
ME: are you serious? what does that have to do with anything???
MOM: you have to think about how your kids are going to come out
ME: [rolls eyes] i get all that but I'm not going to look for someone based on hair. that makes no sense......
[convo gets heated and more annoying]
then she ask....what is his skin complexion??

this is where i didn't even want to con't the convo.

My mother has a huge thing about hair and complexion. I get everybody has there own preference but she cant force hers on me. [i think she gets this from my grandmother]
NOTE*** she doesn't even know what my boyfriend looks like when in actuality he is just what she likes [didn't plan that at ALL] but she is criticizing him just cuz of my history of boyfriends which i may admit weren't the best out of the bunch [shrugs shoulders] but clearly all that doesn't matter to me.
she pretty much annoying me about the whole situation and now going to tell my grandmother on me and i didn't even do anything. LMFAO this is going to funny yet pointless

wait till she actually meets him then she'll shut the hell up!!!! -_-

sealed with a kiss, J'adore Daphh

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