Thursday, August 13, 2009


so i've realized im kind of insomniac. LOL. SMH. its now 3:12am and pretty much dont have anyone to talk to right now so whats the next best thing.....write how i feel on my blog. [sighhhhhh] well here it gooessssssss :/

As im sitting her on the comp listening to music (letoya luckett-lazy.mp3) ; i'm just thinkin about how things are going in my life and its really not how i expected it to be. SMFH. i had quit my job at NYLI because that job was REALLLYY not for me. i can't just sit there and do nothing. Im more of a hands on type of person. Tho it was't one of my smartest ideas it felt like the right one. The atmospher and every single person ESPECIALLY my perverted boss got under my skin. UGH!!!!. i really feel like bangin his head on the wall. [shrug shoulders]. i know i get that you shouldn't let ppl get in the way of your money buttttt NAH, im good.

Anywhooooo. school is coming around and i really saw my self going to a better school as of Sept. Nassau isn't a bad school at alll but in order for me to keep my grades up i need to stay away from ppl i know [bad huh.] Don't get me wrong i love you guys but i gotta do what i gotta do.
At least thats what i thought..........
Summer went by sooooo fast that my next school year didn't even come to mind. [im soooo mad at myself for that shxt] i actually did my fafsa on time but little did i know that the deadlines on the school i wanted to attend already passed and its already hard to go in the Medical programs. [bangs head on keyboard] Being the last to go to college i have to prove to my parents im not like my brother and sister. [they did end up goin back to school yrs later. but better later than never..right? so im happy for them] so now im pissed that i might have to go back to nassau for the fall semester [rolls eyes]. i really did this to myself.
Besides all that, shxts been really stressful in my house. Everybody is on edge and my fathers blood pressure is always going up because of my brother. ['sighhhhs] the only time i really feel comfortable is out my house. Sometimes Lexxie and i just go out to no where cuz its pretty much the same shxt at her crib. UGHHHHHH!. i deadass feel like i cant go anywhere and feel at ease.
So as school inches closer and parents get more annoying. I HAVE TO PROVE THEM WRONG!.Today Lexxie and i had a talk on what the hell are we doing as of fall. We came up with just 2 solutions [ i dont wanna tell you guys just yet. cuz it has to go through before i get hyped about it.] (crosses fingers) coming up with this stuff and realizing where we faulted didnt help as much because i really felt dumb ass hell and we stay doing shxt like this but atleast we know where to con't.

well im done venting....for now.
thanx for leanding your ears. [well eyes. lol]

sealed with a kiss, Jadore Daphh

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