Sunday, August 23, 2009


So, If you've been keeping up with the blog, you would have known that today is my BEST FRIEND's Bday ! & you may know her as one of the writerss Jadore Daff. She turned 21 !!! :D This weekend was sooo amazinggg ! Even more so, b.c she truely had a blast ! & at the end of the day that's all that matters :]
Me, Daphne & Alex have been Best Friends for 4-5 years now. Everrr since H.S. We actually became close off of a horrable situation i got caught up in during school.. & they were the 2 people that were there for me the mostttt. & from then on. we were inseperatable. Would've never thought we would be best friendss ! Daphne didnt even like me in 7th/8th grade ! lmaooooo. now she LOVES ME ! :] LOL (dont front daph !) Anyway .. Me & This girl have been through hell & back LOL. had wayyy more ups than downss. Everyy friendship has their battles to fight through .. but the friendships that are strong enoughh to get through them .. No matterr howwww bad it is & no matter how many other people tell me not to be friends with them anymore .. those are the friendships that last FOREVER. & we will. She has been there for me answering to 3 am phone calls crying, to cursing boys out for me lmao. She is the true definition of a best friend. So .. for all you HATERSS (Cough cough) that insisted that i gave up alex & daph when times were bad .. look at us now & remember it. cause it will be forever lastingg. We have MANYY MANYY more memories to make. Getting our apartment, eachothers weddings, godmothers to my kids.. yea its that real. they say " There's a point when a friend becomes more than a friend .. & becomes a sister". Well that point has came & these two girls are my sisters. xoxo.


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