Thursday, August 27, 2009


ok so, i'm getting tired of these leaks from blueprint 3. I have been anticipating this album for over a YEARR now. I want to buy it & be surprised & be anxious to listen to these greatt trackss. being leaked & hyped over millions of people 3 times a week before the debut.. takes away the value & exciting-ness of actually buying the album to hear it. People ALREADYY putting lines & verses in there status's. Likee reallyyy though ? ughh. Well this is all of course MY OPINION. & if you known me long enough you would know, I'm one of the few OG Jay-Z fans around. SINCE FOREVERRRR. The first two songs i was like uhh ok cool ! but the next two im like oh noo.. Next song i see leaked. Im not even gunna listen to it. I want to go get it 9/11 & run home anxious to hear all the songs ! :)

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