Monday, August 17, 2009


now these are a few L.I. friends and suchh that I thought look like some type of celebrity. now im not sayinggg exactly juss some simalirities LOL. <3.


Me and Sammie's Look Alikee. M.I.A and Santagold.[musicians]

Daph's Look Alikee Stacey Mckenzie [model]

Eric's Look Alikee Kevin Hart [comedian]

Maxamillian's Look ALikee. Drake [rapper]

Fenelon's Look Alikee Floyd Mayweather [boxer]

Richard's Look Alikee Dennis Hasbert [actor]

Peyton's Look Alikee Barack Obama [president]

Bobbyy's Look ALikee Dave Chapelle. [comedian]

Norman's Look ALike Kanye West [musician]

Naashon's Look ALikee. Pharrell [musician]

now tell me im wrongg LOL. ! tuhhhh

Talk To You Guys Lata xo.*

1 comment:

  1. I love Pharrell & Ya boy does look like Kanye :) This was real tight!


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