Wednesday, August 19, 2009


LMAO. so lexxie and i were sitting on her front porch watchin people walk by [creepy] but anywhooooo these KIDS were standing at the corner making mad noise like our neighborhood isn't quiet. SMH. as we were looking at them make fools of themselves this little girl started grinding on her "boyfriend" [garrooosssssss. take that shxt somewhere else] NOTE** they dont even know we're sitting there.
time goes by and they started walkin by the house thinking they would of kept walking they stopped across the street. You know how when girls i mean BIRDS be chilling with a few boys and they feel the need to do whatever it takes to get attention???? well they did anything alright. those girls deadass kissed each other and kept saying "look we just kissed" WTFFFFF!!!!

With a digust look on our face [not just cuz they kissed but the way they were acting] one of the girls kept calling her "boyfriend" over. He then man handled her and gave her the nasttiessstttt kiss ever. At this point me and Lexxie couldn't hold it in. so alex goes and say "EWWWWW THATS NASTYYYYY". lmfao. and i said "WHAT KIND OF SHXT IS THAT??" and kept laughing. You could tell they were embarrassed cuz they made no eye contact. SMFH!!!

little kisses and pecs are always cute with your BF but all that other shxt
i dont find cute at all. whats done in the bedroom should stay there.WTF

just thought i should share that moment with you guys. SMFH!!
sealed with a kiss, J'adore Daphh

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